[3*] Selector Help

by KupoNoodles posted Sep 20, 2018


Here's my current team: https://imgur.com/a/ibvdloM I currently have 2 [3*] Selector and was wondering who I should use them on?

I was debating between

1: Bibi T1 + Save Ticket for Bibi T2

2: Kain + Joy Akasha


Not having a healer to heal my Bibi seems like it will become in issue in PVE later maybe I can use Denali? 

PVE: Bibi and/or Hermes, 0-1 Healer and 2-3 Bombers.

PVP Defense: Kain, Athena+Denali, Bruce Bang + Akasha (Maybe Joy).

PVP Offence: BIbi, Beckhen, Denali, Patrone and Joy

Thanks for your help!


Edit: Hmm so I just got Joy, I will update the ticket now.