by Calludus posted Dec 28, 2018

Since the chat is still down and there is new hunter oh yeah.. but I don't want to pull yet...

and Let's have some color fun!

Let me tell you some brief story..
Once upon a time when I was in Runescape, don't you know Dyes are one of the most expensive item in the game. It's like we would die for dye!

and then Boutique now opened in Blustone. This is one of my most anticipated feature in the game and as always to any game I had. Recolors! It seems like you can't customize your own color choice. How I wish.. phew.. You know I don't mind what will be the cost if ever they will give it... yeah so..

Color is Life.

and Reds and its shades are always my kind of liking.

Some basic skills... I used color replacement tools on photoshop and took hours as if I need to separate every objects in different layers.

Prince of Persia 2008 colors inspired for Windblade.
Super Harley with Red Tainted Marlin.

Prince Windblade.jpg

Super Harley.jpg