As promised my bbq pork belly

by NocturnaI posted Jan 01, 2019



This is probably my favorite food to make by far so in the spirit of the new year I’m spilling my secrets on how I make it.

I start by cutting a pound and a half to two pound pork belly into inch and a half cubes. I then meat rub each cube with garlic powder, onion salt, smoked paprika and brown sugar. I start my grill with half the usual charcoal , which is around 3 handfuls. You want to stack the charcoal on one side for you’ll be grilling the pork belly on the opposite side for offheat cooking to slowly roast at around 250 F. Cook the pork belly 15mins after the coals have become smoldering and ready. Then baste each pork belly cube with whisky maple syrup bbq sauce, repeat this every 15mins for 4hrs. Then at hr 4 switch the bbq sauce for honey sweet and continue basting and turning cubes til 5 1/2 hrs total cooking. That’s all there is to it, i serve it with king Hawaiian bread to use as bacon sliders , very labor intensive but so worth it. Hope this inspires you to make your own, try new methods and enjoy the year of the boar in style.

Bon appetite.