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Problem with Robin   [6]

_Hasaky_    Lv.  1
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    Robin is 1-star ice hunter with class of tank and high heal potential. Usually about 400-1000 per second if his supper is activated. If he is upgraded he can be terror of any attackers in PVP and powerful hunter in PVE. Because he is 1-star he can be easily obtained and upgraded to T3 (Transedence lv3). But he leaks in and health point (for tank)

    Because of his rarity, high heal, decent damage and class type. He is must have for any new player. If he want to proceed to higher ranks in fight club. After he is upgraded to 5-stars he can time out or even defeat team of 5 hunters on his own. For compare I tried to attack Robin with 18k - 19k power points with Bear (19k) Diana (12k) Hermes (18k) Patrone (13k) and Octavia (10k) and not even Robin timed out me I had problem to stay alive.

    There are few ways of countering Robin. First and the best is to take away his heal. There are three hunters that can do that and they are Athena, Apolon and Genovia (I don't have all hunters, but I didn't heard about someone else who can do that). But Athena not even that she can not consistently take away his heal because it's 4th skill but she is fire type so she can't stay in fight with him for long time. Apolon Is fire type too but he is bomber so if you overlook lover damage you can do with him. The best counter for Robin is Genovia she is Ice type she can consistently remove his heal and she does lot of damage but Genovia is 4-star hunter so she is rare and Athena won't do because she just can't remove his heal all the time so the only choice you have is Apolon. Some players can kill him within seconds between his super or before he uses his super but that are player that are playing this game for long time and maxed they're attack teams.

    So Robin is nearly un-beatable in early game without Genovia or Apolon. And that breaks fight club because why would I attack someone. Because if they have Robin I can surrender right away. And I can just wait for someone to attack me and my Robin will just do the work for me.

    I think that Robin should be balanced.

    I was wondering about how and the best way to balance him would be to put his heal directly to his damage. Something like life steal. Is skill could be 5% of damage done is recovered as health. It shoud be slightly better than Bears heal because of is leak in stats but something about 75HP per second shoud be responsible and it shoud be always on.

    The meaning of giving him life steal is to be able to remove it with stun. And that should bring more hunters to be somewhat decent in countering him.

    Meaby I overlooked something so this don't have to be 100% true but from my view it is. Robin shoud be balanced and have more counters than just 1 or 2. for me it is frustrating to keep Genovia alive because I know that if she dies it's over for me. That's why I think there should be another way of countering him.

    Thanks for your time I'll be happy to see you around and read your toughs about this problem.
    • Trixmatyr 2019.03.26 05:53
      Same can be said with beckhen. It is unlike every other 3* attacker... It seems more like a 4* grade hunter. What kind of 3* hunter Outlast every other 3* hunter by so much.

      If we were to talk about imbalance, perhaps we could also look into Bruce. Why? Heals more than every other 3* healer

      I do admit robin is way stronger than your average natural 1* but he can actually be taken out by stunning him before he starts healing
    • Tohriu 2019.03.28 17:23
      Robin only takes one second stun/attack disable/debuffs/bleed
      Only good way to kill him to hit him with strong damage
      Windblade is also a good counter since his bleed never goes away sadly he's like Genovia, nat 4*
    • Lois96 2019.03.26 10:17
      Huhu Robins on fc are just so.. X( I feel the same way on Bruce, a healer but I had a hard time knocking him out. I guess that's the thrill of it. A natural 1*(upgraded to 5*) on fc that u cant beat easily XD They are like Deku on Boku no Hero.. weak at first but has a potential.. etc. becomes strong... do you get what i mean? X3 i feel the waves of balance man ~ and ur opponent made some time to do his Robin to reach level annoying, credits for ur opponent XD U do the same to your hunters! :D
    • DerpScout 2019.03.26 12:08
      I don't have any problems with robin, I just wait for the heals to stop then rush him with karl and joy special combo but I agree that he heals a bit too much.
    • RaynerSin 2019.03.26 13:42
      His heal is already like life steal. It scales with his attack power, which makes him ridiculously hardy combined with his new ability to remove all harmful effects every second.
    • Experiment-7 2019.03.30 10:29
      I think Robin is weak

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