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A Random Story [4/13/19]   [4]

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    Old Memories..Goodbye Midgard.

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    *Swoosh* Flying above a skyscraper was Elymas the Helicopter. Inside was detective Jng. "What can you see Ely?"

    Elymas" "There seems to be our target standing on the edge of that skyscraper."

    Jng: "Get me onto the rooftop ASAP!"

    Elymas: "He has a..." Elymas began spiraling out of control and crashlanded into the floor below the roof.

    Jng: "Looks like I have to do this on my own." Jng hopped out of Elymas and climbed onto the rooftop. "I finally found you."

    Mysterious man: "I gave you my location intentionally. Everything is going as planned."

    Jng: "What do you mean?" Jng panicked as an explosion went off nearby. "Ely! Noooooo!"

    Elymas: (Burning) "Don't worry about me. It's just a small flame." Elymas began flying out of the building and in circles to try and put out the flames.

    Mysterious man: "Now we're all alone." The man walked closer to Jng with a lowered guard.

    Jng: (Pointing a pistols) "Stop where you are! I will shoot!"

    Mysterious man: (Steadily walking) "I know what your heart desires."

    Jng" (trembling) "..."

    Mysterious man: (within reach grabs Jng and pulls close) "I've missed you love."

    Jng: (dropping gun) "B-bu.."

    Mysterious man: (Placing index finger on Jng's lips) "Shh. We have all the time in the-"

    Sirens alarm and another explosion goes off, shaking the entire building. Elymas flies back with backup.

    Elymas: "Where did he go?"

    A crew of officers hop out of the helicopter, Elymas, and run to aid Jng.

    Jng: (In shock) "What happened? He was just-."

    Elymas: "There's no one here. C'mon Jng, let's go."

    Mysterious man: (observing things from afar) "Let's continue our little date." He gives a sadistic smile and dials a number on his flip phone.

    Policeman 1: (Phone rings) "Everyone quiet!" He answers the phone and places it on speaker.

    Mysterious man: "I have someone working for me that's within your little squad. I'll leave it up to you to figure out who it is." (Phone hangs up)

    Jng: "How do we know he's not bluffing?"

    Policeman 2: "But what if he's telling the truth? We need to check everyone!"

    Head Policeman: "Elymas, have you seen any suspious activity?"

    Elymas: "Well during our encounter with the target, he acted as if he knew Jng."

    Policeman 1: "It's got to be Jng! There's no way we can overlook this. You don't just-"

    Head Policeman: "Enough Watson! Maybe he's just playing mind games. Let's not lose our composure over a single call."

    Policeman 2: "Since we're pointing fingers, someone explain to me how our target got your personal cell Watson!"

    Watson: "That's just a coincidence. He's known for hacking our database. He was an officer before the incident. And I recall him being your partner in the past William. So how can I be sure you're not a traitor?"

    Wilson: "Wel-"

    Head Policeman: "Enough! Let's get back to the main focus. Elymas, take us back to HQ!"

    Elymas: "Roger!"



    Head Policeman: "Go report back to Lt. Yui everyone!"

    Yui was a talking owl with feathers the color of snow.

    Yui: "Hoot's there?" Yui wobbled out of her nest and flew onto a nearby desk that was placed in front of her custom tree-like chair.

    Watson: (Holding a stack of papers) "Here are the reports from the last encounter with the target."

    Yui looked at the report, carefully obvserving and changing pages with her feet.

    Yui: (Mumbling to herself) "Why now?"

    Watson: "Um did you say something?"

    Jng barges in and places Watson in chokehold.

    Jng: "Talk and you die! Follow along kid."

    Jng drags Watson out of Yui's office and slams him against a nearby wall.

    Jng: "Why didn't you tell me!?

    Watson: "What are you referring to?"

    Jng: "You know about Sophia! Tell me everything! I overheard you and Veroscis. Don't think just because we went on a mission together means that I'll forgive you all for what you did."

    Head Policeman Veroscis: (Escorted by Wilson) "What seems to be the problem here?"

    Wilson: "...this looks...awkward. Should I go?"

    Veroscis: "You unhand stay Wilson. I have more errands for you to run. And Jng, release Watson this instant. There are some things that are meant to be kept classified."

    Jng: "But I need to know now!"

    Veroscis: "NO! Your obsession is the reason we lost Sophia! Don't think with your emotions! Haven't I warned you about that?"

    Jng: "..." Jng shoves Wilson into Watson and walks away.

    Wilson: "Woah. What did I do?"

    Veroscis: "Jng! Get back here!"

    Jng leaves building, slamming door.

    Wilson: (fixing his neck tie) "What's his problem?"

    Yui appears with a look of disappointment. "I need you all to see this."

    Wilson: "Great. Now let's go and chase down Jng. This seems urgent-"

    Yui: "Actually, let's not. I need you to keep this from him at all costs."

    Watson: "What about Ely?"

    Yui: "Well, we need Elymas to know as much about this as possible. As for Jng..."



    Jng: (Phone rings and Jng answers) "Hello? Who's this?"

    Female's Voice and Static: "Rem-b-r...promise...bridge at..noon." (Call drops)

    Jng: "Hello? (Looks at watch) It's nearly noon now. But what bridge? Wait. Don't I need backup? No. I need to do this myself. The others will just slow me down."

    Jng grabs his keys and rushes out of the inn and begins driving towards the bridge near Maple Ave Park. There he sees a familiar face.

    Jng: (Expression of Fear) "But I killed you." Jng drops to his knees as the familiar woman walks closer and caresses him with a gentle hug. She pulls a syringe out of her back pocket and injects into Jng's thigh, numbing him

    Mysterious woman: (Whispering into Jng's ear) "You belong to me." She bites his neck, leaving a weird mark then walks away as Jng faints.



    Yui showcases a powerpoint of multiple strange occurances that happened within the last 24 hours.

    Yui: "As you can see, there have been multiple sightings of these inhuman beings. They have enhanced senses and seem to heal from wounds that seem fatal to most. It seems as if they can hypnotize sapiens. Other races aren't affected by their hypnotism. So we need to be aware of any sapien, especially Jng. He could be working for them as we speak so try to keep all information shared with him to a minimum."

    Watson: "Well what about Wilson?"

    Wilson: "Actually, I'm an elf. Don't you see my ears? What an idiot. Are all werewolves as dumb as you Watson?"

    Watson: "How am I supposed to know? You're the first elf that I've met that is unable to use any form of magic. Maybe you're just insane and want to be an elf so bad that you think it so."

    Veroscis: "ENOUGH! Now Wilson, I need you as my right hand man so I won't be assigning you anything at the moment. Just follow me. But Watson, since you're not busy, I have an important task for you and Elymas. I need you two to oversee everything that Jng does. I need to be sure that there are no traitors."

    Watson: (Saluting) "Yes sir!"



    Hooded Man: "Is everything in place?"

    A masked konoichi appears, kneeling in front of the hooded man and says, "Yes, Master"

    He removes his hood and showcases his scarred face.

    Unknown Man: "I have your next task. Go and retrieve the key."

    The masked konoichi vanishes.



    Jng awakens to a vague face. He rubs his eyes before sitting up.

    Jng: "..."

    Vague Figure: "Why were you passed out on the ground? Don't strain your body anymore than you've already done. The ambulence is on the way."

    Jng's sight finally clears and he sees Watson.

    Jng (irritated): "Oh...it's just you."

    Jng stumbles to his feet before shoving Watson onto the ground.

    Watson: "oof"

    Jng: "Don't bother me anymore than you've already done."

    Right as Jng begins walking off, he hears a the stomping of feet nearby and turns around. Right when he turns everything fades to black.



    Scarred Man: "Ah. You finally brought it."

    The masked konoichi forces Jng awake and speaks in a faint voice, "You would be wise to obey. Don't struggle."

    Konoichi (facing the scarred man): "Yes."

    The masked konoichi walks beside the scarred man and waits, facing the direction of Jng.

    Masked Konoichi: "Rise!"

    Jng: "Ngh! What is going on?"

    Jng stands up and dusts off his butt.

    Scarred Man: "For a while, everyone has looked down on me. They considered me weak and that's why I've come to exact my revenge."

    Jng: "Wait. Who are you referring to?"

    Scarred Man: "People like you! How do you not know who I am? I am the famous martial artist Yamcha! Now you've angered me!"

    Masked Konoichi: "Not this again."

    Yamcha: "Wolf Fang Fist! Kyeee!!"

    Yamcha knocks Jng unconsious.



    Jng awakens with severe injuries.

    Nurse: "This one seems to be badly- What's this? It's healing rapidly?"

    A military personnel walks into the room and begins firing a pistol at Jng.

    Nurse: "AH!"

    She flees the room.

    Jng struggles in pain and rolls off of the bed.

    Jng: "Why...are you...doing this?"

    Military Personnel: "My name's officer Katte. I have little time to explain. Just come with me."

    Jng: "Ugh. What? I'm dying!"

    Officer Katte: "Look at your wounds maggot!"

    Jng begins self healing and becomes amazed.

    Jng: "W-what's going on?"

    Officer Katte: "If you don't watch the news, allow me to summarize the problem. President Trump made a.i. experiments legal. This caused many of the mad scientists to begin working with technology that allows the crossing of worlds. Black holes were created, and the multiverse theory became a new law of science. The worst part is that the scientists behind this were neets and weebs. Now we have anime characters crossing over to new worlds and corrupting everything."

    Jng (clueless): "So I'm supposed to believe that anime is real?"

    Officer Katte face palms herself before speaking. "You're an idiot. Just follow me. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes."

    Katte walks off and Jng chases after her. "Wait! I still want to know why I'm immortal."

    Officer Katte (Exiting the hospital with Jng): "You're not immortal. You just have faster regeneration."

    Jng: "...meaning?"

    Officer Katte: "...meaning you can still die normally. You just have the ability to heal from injuries faster."

    Jng: "Oh. So this means I can still survive a plane crash right?"

    Officer Katte: "..."



    Yamcha: "How can that fool be of any use to us? The prophecy that Vincent told us has to be false. There's no way that an idiot like that could be a threat to any of...of...he didn't know of the awesome Yamcha!"

    Yamcha turns around to six orange-haired, robed men with piercings.

    Yamcha: "Pain-"

    Nagato: "Konan will be enough to handle him. I see no reason for me to make myself known to the weak."

    A paper plane glides from above and transforms into a purple-haired girl with a similar robe and peircings to that of the six men with piercings.

    Konan: "Nagato, tell me. What is our next move?"



    (To be continued...) 

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