Don't Ask For a Continuation

by PTS-Vincent posted Apr 14, 2019

*Pant Pant* I was running out of time. My the results were nearing the end. I needed someone good, someone strong to replace the weak-length. As I used my last scroll, the L-Mouse (because he's always giving out L's) returned with my 8th Sylvester. "WHY ME!?" I needed another 3-starred hunter. I wanted that quick rise before the results were in. "I didn't want to resort to this." Yes. I was prepared to sacrifice it all, my reputation, my dignity. I had nothing left to lose aside from those, and they sure don't give you power. So I said, holding up my hands, "Everyone! Lucky and unlucky! Share your manda with me!" I had stooped to the final level before trash. Yes. I became a beggar. After collecting enough manda, I preceeded with my chant. It took every ounch of dignity to finish this, but I needed the hunter. I didn't care which. All I had were 1 and 2-starred ones. "RNG!" I screamed until I could no more. Just then, a miracle happened. *Pant Pant* L-Mouse brought back someone that I han't seen in so long. "Vincent," the familiar face asked to me "is that you?" Yes. L-Mouse brought me Genovia. I was please for I hadn't been in Midgard that long and needed power. Yes. RNGsus answered my prayer. But this was just the start of how I became the renegade of Blustone. *Copyrighted Music from Avatar the Last Air Bender*


P.S. This is fictional. None of this can be verified for I don't work for VisualShowers LMAO (To Never Be Continued...)


Episode 2: The Results

Genovia unleashed a frenzied special skill that wiped away the effects of our final challengers, Bear and Locke. We were sure we had the upperhand when Lantern sniped Genovia. "Ah!" she screamed as she fell. "How can this be? My best hunter is gone! Guess I have to finish this myself. Spirit Sword!" (Copyrighted from DBS) Lightning covered my blade as I used my ultimate combo. I mimic the moves of an old rival, Sasuke U***ha. My speed temporarily increased and I finished Bear with a Chidor* Stream. "Hiyaaaaa!" Bear fainted and I pointed my blade to Lantern and Locke. They forfeited, giving my team the win. I ran and caressed my old friend, Genovia. "We did it," I whispered in her ear as a tear fell down my right cheek. Or so I thought. *Slash* My left eye was scarred by the blade of Kain. "Where-" Kain shoved his foot along my back, stomping me onto the ground. Genovia opened one eye and watched helplessly. "K-kain!" Genovia muttered before fainting completely. Kain pointed his blade at me and shouted with a narcissistic grin, "You should quit now while you can, peasant." Locke cheered from the distance and began collecting bets. "Hehe. I'm gonna be rich," said Locke. I tripped Kain and rolled as he began stabbing the place I had been lying. "Kain. Why are you here? You're supposed to be with Heidi!" Kain smiled nonchalantly and replied, "Our mission is over. Her sister Diana is overseeing it now. And I'm here because Locke paid me to win. Now prepare for battle." As our blades clashed, Beckhen intervened, saying, "CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK!" Jack took both of our blades before saying, "Fight Club has now ended. Please wait a moment as we tally up the results from this week."

(To be continued...)


Episode 3: The Results (P.2)

*Blizzard Formed* Jack (on the television): "Please wait inside your houses. No rewards will be distributed this week."