I have an idea, now listen!

by Katte posted May 08, 2019
I feel like we should have a vote. Reason? Well, I think a Hunter deserves their own event. The only time a Hunter does get an event is either a new recruitment event or a VS event. The vote would be like the most popular Hunter vote, but in this layout:
-If you want to vote for a Hunter that isn't already commented, you must add a new comment and type their name only.
-If the Hunter you want to vote for is already commented, you must reply with "Yes" or "+1"
-If there is a typo but I know what you mean, I will still count it.
-If you are not voting but want to comment, only add a new comment or reply to a comment that isn't a vote.
-The vote will last until Sunday. There won't be a specific time and it will be for MY timezone! ( British time, South England )
-If I miss the closing date, feel free to send a reminder by commenting or mailing me.
-The winner will get an event planned. If you want, you can volunteer to design one for a Hunter that doesn't win.
If you find this post pointless/annoying, just don't say anything mean and enjoy your day.
Any questions? Feel free to ask! If I don't reply, I either haven't seen your comment, I'm too busy, it's one of the votes or I can't think of what to reply with. ( Or Forums decides to mess up on me again. )