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卡尔在觉醒    Lv.  9
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    • Charliotte 2019.07.05 09:25
      Toxic guild. Wouldn't recommend.
    • 卡尔在觉醒 2019.07.05 10:27
      I think you are more toxic. I invite friendly people, not people like you, don't smash us. Reply with your own account, don't cover up,Regtime...
    • Charliotte 2019.07.05 14:36
      I'm just stating the truth. Your guild made too many people quit the game, and they were users who used to love to enjoy logging in. No wonder current active players prefer to go to minor guilds or just not join yours. It is just too uncomfortable to be around certain members of it.

      Even my own guild has a bit more of dignity or honor than yours but whatever, don't need to do a more complex comparing.

      Good luck "recruiting".
    • 卡尔在觉醒 2019.07.05 16:15
    • Charliotte 2019.07.06 02:07

      Tu gremio es una enfermedad muy contagiosa. Peligroso, lleno de hackers y estafadores mentirosos sin honor ni principios. No merecen el respeto de nadie.

      Your guild is not welcome in the English Community. Go away!

    • 卡尔在觉醒 2019.07.07 00:41
      When did you represent English community? Who are you?
    • Charliotte 2019.07.07 01:36
      I do not represent it, but I am part of it. I face the same problems as everyone else that forms part of it. It is a shame that abusive users like the ones in your guild were in most part responsible for having a lot of users leave for them to never come back.

      You lack empathy and courtesy to be able to interact with us. There is no point having you post a recruiting topic on here because we will not understand what you even try to say or want.
    • 卡尔在觉醒 2019.07.07 07:48
      Someone has joined us, I am not disappointed, hahaha
      Not everyone likes you to smash others
    • Wadanohara 2019.07.07 08:07
      One is none. That is nothing compared to your current inactives. The dead weight seems it will hurt you on the long term. Shame that no one with a lil bit of reasoning will constantly fill those spots for you.
    • Innnnovation 2019.07.08 12:47
      Speak for yourself, Rig Reg. You can represent no one.
    • Innnnovation 2019.07.08 11:39
      I believe that there’s no toxic guide, just “regged” people. Your plain attacking suggest no more than illness and hospitality. There’s no dignity in insulting others at all.
    • Wadanohara 2019.07.08 13:10
      Who are you again?
    • Xarazechi 2019.07.06 01:09
      Hey... would you be willing to help another guildmaster out. I need help recruiting myself....
    • NocturnaI 2019.07.06 03:22
      Let’s just all agree dynasty and rejuvenation are toxic hacks that only want to rain hate on anyone who isn’t in their troll guild xD.
    • Taebin 2019.07.06 04:59
      Your guild has nothing to speak about on this topic either dude...
    • Wadanohara 2019.07.06 05:08
      Someone seems still triggered from the last topic's humilliation.
    • NocturnaI 2019.07.06 06:50
      You seem to not even remotely understand triggered or humiliation if that’s what you truly think. You internet tough guys are all the same, all bark no bite. The community doesn’t want anything to do with your senseless hate.
    • Izathiel 2019.07.06 07:12
      Calling someone a toxic hack is senseless hate. Slandering someone or using abusive or inappropriate language is against the rules. Please stop trying to police the forums if you can't even follow the rules yourself.
    • NocturnaI 2019.07.06 08:54
      Except it’s the truth, every post is either negative or trying to put someone down. It’s not using abusive or inappropriate language at all it’s just simply stating facts.
    • 빈신 2019.07.06 10:54
      Or making simple suggestions to a game that has flaws (as any game does) to make it more interesting or make it feel more like a full game. (But that's toxic too apparently)
    • Charliotte 2019.07.06 20:55
      So basically for you, everyone is guilty, mindless and negative. Seems like a lame excuse the people from your guild would pull. You should find a new way to make more creative fallacies.
    • BlastHydro 2019.07.06 07:40
      how do I change guild pic. seems like I can't change mine when I upload photo ://
    • 빈신 2019.07.06 10:55
      Are you a leader or supervisor?
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.07 03:34
      Guys, guys.. pls... all guilds deserve to have a chance to grow...
      Except those who are below global rank 5...
      Those are useless xD

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