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Please help me for build my team!   [8]

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    Hi everybody. Im just play game in few days and im a newbie . im free player and i dont know what is the best way for build my team now (for early game and late game). please help me and show me what the heroes i should to use now. Many thank bro!





    • FionnFjord 2019.09.14 08:21
      If you didn't want to make things complicated, just simply use the strongest hunter for your team, i think you already have a decent starter, if it was mine, i would go for Anemone, Genovia, Karl (just temporarily or you can use the twins) Geranium and Theresa, just for a temporarily team.

      But when you entered more harder stage or encounter strong people, that's when you need to worry about your formation, there are a lot formation for team, for offense team use 2 attacker and 3 Bombers on every elements, or use 3 attacker of each elements and 2 bombers of your choice, and there's 122 formation, 1 tanker to eat enemy skill, 2 attacker and 2 bombers of your choice, ofcourse the formation didn't have to be like that but i'm just telling you the basics.

      Even tho 4* outshine 3*,some of 3* are worth to invest, that's because if you filled your team with many hard to get 4* it would be just a waste of time waiting for them to transcendence.

      i saw you already have Yuri, Yuri isn't a bad option and you can totally work with her and since you are lack of paper(i purposely ignore Karl), you can focus one of your 3* selection every month for Bibi, and note that I'm not bordering you with 4* but if you want to focus on 1 or 2 4* i would go for Anemone and Gera since they can be acquired now every month via 4* selection and have awesome game changing ability

      In sum : use the most game changing 4* like Gera or/and Anemone then corporate them with mix of 3* like Yuri, Bibi, Heidi or whatever 3* you like, or even 4* since you already have Transcendence 1 Genovia she is good at playing with buff and debuff (just read her skill and you will know) then considering Bombers if you already have a decent 3* bombers.

      You can add me if you want, and i hope you are enjoying Blustone.
    • AnThuHa 2019.09.14 12:26
      Thank you so much for your help. i just have some question after i read your post. we are not use healer for harder stage and bomber is more useful than healer? what is the best useful bomber for clear stage?
    • FionnFjord 2019.09.14 13:17
      I will give you my review about my bombers and i only have 3* bombers, one thing you should looking for about bombers is their properties or skill set, for example, Diana has Crit damage properties wich is synergies with hunters that have Crit chnace buff like Twins or Chichi, Patrone has Block chance reduction for enemies, great against hunter that have high block chance, Apollon has Elemntal enhancement wich is great with every elemntal adventage hunters and especially Heidi and Octavia since they have the same properties, i don't have Gullveig so i really don't know, just search hunter regularly and priorities things to make it easier, and if you got 4* bombers i don't see why you shouldn't consider them as your bomber.

      Most Healers will be essential for defense team and a lot higher floor or stages because they can give you survivability, some healers have a really helpful properties even for offense team, take an example from Alia and Celine, Alia can give you 2 rage gauge by chance even tho you get stunned, and Celine can help generate rage gauge faster wich is really big advantage, i wouldn't say Bomber is more useful than healers because every stage, floor, people has their own strategies and sometimes it requires you to just following the flows, but everything and everyone is useful depends on it's situation.
      to put it simple for growth team advice, use this,
    • AnThuHa 2019.09.14 13:40
      its really healfull for me thank for your exlain and i will think about my offfensive team now <3
    • MrPolarBear 2019.09.15 22:55
      Woah a great advice
    • Nazure 2019.09.14 14:10
      just keep these note in mind.

      1/ element matter: Fire > Lighning > Water > Fire....

      2/ try best keep team alive while also clear stage quick (within 1min?): a balance b/t offense & bomber with defense & support.

      3/ sooner or later every hunter are required.
      - Invest the rare 3* and 4* first - mostly used & useful, but also cost more
      - Invest the 2* and 1* later: less using, and cheaper cost.

      The choice is yours.
      check things in-game and progress yourself. gud luck :-v
    • AnThuHa 2019.09.14 14:45
      i love Twin and gera , maybe i will build her and wait for the day they can transcendence :(
    • Katte 2019.09.14 16:22
      I don't have any advice to give, but I do have to say this.
      Having that many 4 star Hunters just a few days into the game is really good.
      Good job.

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