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Spring Hunters And April Fools   [14]

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    Why isn’t there a banner for Spring Hunters like Florist Judith? Why isn’t there a banner for April Fools Crocus and Diana? This is disappointing. Besides that, there are too many problems in the game.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.04.06 11:00
      They will be green manda. It's the only way they can make money without actually doing anything new. :(
    • Nazure 2022.04.07 15:58
      happy now?
    • papapou 2022.04.07 20:08

      What your problem,, have you noticed if we do nothing,,vs do nothing,so SSAY TANK YOU *** NAZURE

    • Nazure 2022.04.07 23:58

      i was talking to user IAmMinMin
      i dont have any problem with you here. leave me alone.

      and could you guys stop with these joking & sarcasm when calling me a ***?
      I've explained before, I'm not.

    • IAmMinMin 2022.04.07 20:35
      No, Nazure. I’m not happy. The game has lots of problems. The Spring Hunters don’t help fix the problems.
    • Nazure 2022.04.07 23:41
      they've been fixing a lot problems recently.
      they added Spring banner just now.

      still not happy?
      too bad. cant help.
    • -アレス- 2022.04.08 01:55
    • Joshiesaurus 2022.04.08 02:53
      "they've been fixing alot of problems recently"

      Okay, name more then 1 problem they have 'fixed' recently
    • Nazure 2022.04.08 08:55
      1. access to pet when doing PvP
      2. fix guild chat work again
      3. my friends cannot login since end of last year. They back again from April now
      if u want read more what VS did improve, go see the version logs on apps store
    • Joshiesaurus 2022.04.08 21:06
      Know what, I'll give credit where credit is due. However in terms of what pisses people off number 1 is isn't really a massive issue so it doesn't mean much to me and others.

      Number 2 has been an issue that pops up once every now and again when it really shouldn't be but at least they fix it so credit there.

      And number 3 I'm only going to give partial credit for without knowing all the details, because I know anyone that logs into games using social media these past few months has been having issues all across the board, which isn't entirely an issue on Visual Showers end.

      People are just pissed off because things constantly break when they really shouldn't. Like really, everytime an update occurs something else breaks, not to mention it takes them way too long to fix major bugs every time.

      For example, I don't think the player base is gonna let them forget the time blitz was broken for 3 weeks last year and every hunter had reduced stats. It took a lot of complaining to get them off their asses to fix it after they didn't believe us the first time around, and even when we did show them proof it still took over a week to fix it. This is way the player base is really mad at them. We shouldn't have to go public with this stuff, and yet that's the only thing that works, China and Korea could say similar.

      Heck, this company wiped everyone's progress back 5 days for a mistake they made, not us. People lost time and money due to that. And the poor compensation from that isn't enough to heal the hole in people's hearts from that.

      And for your information, the reason people don't like you is your own fault. You write in a way that sounds like a condescending jerk, and have said things like "don't reply to me directly" and "Math is stupid" in this thread https://bs.visualshower.com/forum_en/1569774

      You sound like a toddler throwing a tantrum at times. I know tone is a very hard thing to tell in the online world, but the way you talk makes many, many people irrationally angry. I may come off as an asshole at times, and I'm sorry, I try not to be. I'm just a bit snarky at times.

      Feel free to not reply, but know this is basically why people are mad at VS and why they make jokes about you.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.04.09 05:44
      You get a standing ovation!

      They got the pet now? I guess everyone that quit playing after the rollback can start playing again because the pets available!
    • IAmMinMin 2022.04.11 08:46
      Oh wow. Is the word “mõd” censored?
    • -アレス- 2022.04.12 02:44
      yep. also, their filter sucks, u should be able to say “mod” in quotes normally.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.04.15 08:30
      Mod, mod, mod!

      Oooooookay, guess it's not censored anymore

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