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Got me good...   [22]

Fukurama    Lv.  14
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    Did you save all those FC tickets to do more of this? Yes please ♡_♡


    Also, trying to go for a moral high ground is such a disgrace, thinking you actually were justified in banning the people who helped maintain your server... Crying you have to "defend yourself" ...

    Ofc you will have backlash when you
    act like a patronizing snob after doing what you did...
    ( I will gladly share examples with anyone interested. Sadly not a joke...)

    I loved your discord server.
    I was on; active. Everyday. Helping new arrivals.
    Finding over 200+ ruins.
    (Remember promoting me to Ruin Master?)
    Well. Anything I ever dreamed of. was to make your server the BEST blustone server in the world.

    And now. you are salty because we made a better version of your dying discord. And the reason it exists is because you cut us off.

    Just leave us alone, leave. ME, alone. You lost our trust and goodwill.
    MY trust.

    That day you just banned all of us with no justification,
    no warning.
    Just based on the selfloathing assumptions you make yourself believe.

    We tried to talk to you.. REMEMBER?
    We were worried when you were gone without a word...
    We thought you had quit blustone.
    We were discussing what would be our next cause of action.
    We wanted to save the Hallway.

    Preserve it.

    We respected you and never once, tried to hide something from you.
    What was our loyalty to you and your server met with?

    A BAN!

    A ban, and complete radio silence and somehow WE. were to blame for YOUR absence.

    I can say for all of us in the #Pugnation family.
    That we will never stop telling people how cynical and illmannered you are treating fellow hunters in the Blustone community.

    HARASSING people who YOU have never met,

    blatantly ignoring others, and treating everyone but yourself like garbage.

    We have no need for people like you in this community.

    Maybe the incident with the banning spree was a good thing... Because it exposed your true colours.
    A divine intervention perhaps, if i've ever seen one...

    ~Fuk u
    • Fukurama 2018.06.01 19:53
      I do not approve any bullying/harrasment on this post.
      please check your privilege before speaking~
    • Fukurama 2018.06.01 20:29
      Also #Challenge
      •Find one point I forgot to mention
      •(Only for Nini) Prove me wrong/Find a flaw in anything I just pointed out
      •Give me your highest defence win streak! (The one shown was a 8-win streak vs the same guy)

      •Share a picture that can be a new emote for #Pugnation
    • sodacova 2018.06.01 22:17
      my creator fuk u has spoken :3
    • Fukurama 2018.06.01 22:23
    • KuschiK 2018.06.01 23:23
      That dude must be a pain in the ass how u describe him!
    • Fukurama 2018.06.01 23:45
      He is very good at not admitting banning us was a mistake.
      He is too proud, and its a shame really.
    • RegTime 2018.06.02 04:06

      Do you think they will care on this dead forum lol. I will still hit you. Who cares about resources nowadays.

      Also, Bibi lags my phone too much. Not that your defence is any good. But doesn't matter, because you still cannot break my defence. XD

      But if you think 8 defeats means anything to someone who has more tickets than all your people in Discord, well... No wonder you keep failing.
    • Vreeze 2018.06.03 00:23
      Ahaha, I love how you just agreed how this post is true and show your true colors with the excuse ( which you tell yourself to justificate this comment ) that this is a 'dead forum' anyway. Why ? Have no more childish arguments to say ? Tired of covering the truth with lies ? Well whatever the reason is, you're so silly. I'll anticipate more childish arguments or even better, unrelated arguments to 'prove you're better at blustone' ( which no one gives a damn about ). But more importantly, please stop throwing useless arguments or whatever you call them ( although I don't want to since it's literally daily entertainment ahahahaha ) to spread hate and instead spread love and make more guides. Your guides are very helpful, literally the only thing I, we, like about you. I'm sure you won't anyway, but it's never wrong to try ^^ .
    • RegTime 2018.06.03 01:28

      Sorry, I don't listen to randommers who are not even Guru :)

    • OvenToastJam 2018.06.03 13:14
      Ah yes guru. The rank you get after playing 6+ months as a free player or by spending money. Because that tells so much about a player.
    • RegTime 2018.06.03 13:31
      Nice loses today m8.
    • OvenToastJam 2018.06.03 14:50
      Just look at the forum post. You're the only one with losses and many of them too. At least learn to spell. Guess English isn't your strong suit. You couldn't even respond to Fukurama's points. You ignored all his points because you know it's true. It's interesting that you state the forums are so dead, yet keep replying. At least we know you check them regularly lol

      Just stop while you're behind. You just embarrass yourself more and more everytime you post. You're the biggest joke in this game.
    • RegTime 2018.06.03 17:45
      Last I saw, you stopped hitting both of my accounts due to how many fails you got, maybe you're scared :D but oh well... Fukurama doesn't even bother hitting me because he will always lose L O L.

      Mfw i login to the last 15-20 minutes and see you guys can't even take me out of top 20. So bad.
    • 34340942_2002819779730634_3917194355034554368_n.jpg


      Ya man your defense is so great. Easy wins zzzz...Also your alt is even weaker.

    • RegTime 2018.06.04 12:50
      Wow, one win! 1000+ to try and make me run out of resources. ;)
    • 2Sora3 2018.06.08 19:43
      fuck you your just an old fcking mexican dude I hear your voice in youtube you sound like an old weeb you're 40 yrs old right?
    • Saluko 2018.06.02 04:31
      Lol savage
    • Jng 2018.06.02 06:35
      Many lols
    • Plong 2018.06.03 06:46
    • Underrated 2018.06.03 11:13
      So I'm guessing I'm the only adult here.
      •...• (...yep)
    • Underrated 2018.06.03 11:13
      So I'm guessing I'm the only adult here.
      •...• (...yep)
    • Toboa 2018.06.17 12:35
      What? Did something happen?

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