Feature to collect all rewards in "Special Supplies"

by Kappersnapper posted Mar 17, 2018
Dear VisualShower staff,

Some of us have day jobs or school or college to attend to and sometimes we like to pile up our rewards throughout the day before we could focus on the game at night after we had gone home. Now, from time to time, there may be events that give you rewards left and right, and everyone here knows how tedious it is to accept one, wait for the pop up to appear, hit 'Okay', and repeat those steps for every reward they have piled up, and that's not accounting for problematic internet connection or the game running on low-end phones slowing down the process even more, so one day I hope you can implement a feature like that to make things easier for us players.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Love, Kappersnapper.