Event Idea - Bibi's Bone Hunt ( UNOFFICIAL! )

by Katte posted May 12, 2019
( The winner of the event vote was Bibi. This is what her event might be like. )
Bibi wants to collect as many bones as possible to keep the wolves of Midgard happy, but she needs help. With so many wolves to take care of, she can't do it alone, so it's your job to help her! When you do a dispatch, there is a chance you'll come back with a bone or a few bones. For every 20 bones you get, you can get Bibi's Bone Reward, which can contain any of these items:
-10,000 Rupees
-250 Metron Fragments
-3 Metrons
-10 Evaluation Requests
-1 Elite Request
-3 Elite Requests
-1 Special Request
-2 Special Requests
-1 Legendary Request
-1 Legendary Selection Request
-1 1* Trainer
-1 2* Trainer
-1 3* Trainer
-1 4* Trainer
-30 Manda
-150 Manda
-300 Manda
-600 Manda
The event will last 5 days. Good luck to all Captains!
( If this becomes an official event, then cool! IT'S UNOFFICIAL AT THE MOMENT! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS! )