Here we are again!

by Merrow posted Jan 01, 2018
Another year has gone by, and it seems so soon to say goodbye to another year.
We've loved and lost, wept and screamed. No year is perfect, but we adapt to what happens and we learn to laugh, smile and keep on moving!

I've lost quite a bit, but I can proudly say that even through my loss, I made it to the end, successfully! And I appreciate all who've had the time to conversate with me. A conversation goes a long way!

Now with that said, I wanna thank Blustone for welcoming me with open arms, the community and the people who all hunt here. It has been a pleasure to make friends with you all! And I hope we continue into 2018 with our heads held high and our hearts steeled strong!

Happy New Years to you all! I'll see y'all there! :)