In regards to the new search system

by Stapleclips posted Apr 03, 2019



That may come across as harsh but we players say it because we love you. We don't want to see this game trainwreck because it has some sort of need to innovate. We don't dislike you guys, we dislike these sudden seemingly random decisions you make that impact the community massively. I understand that some actions need to be taken to continue operating successfully but this sort of decision surely can't possibly help you guys out long term due to the backlash and negative community relations. It's just bad optics overall. I opened with this paragraph so you folks at VS can understand that we want to be a part of the future of this game, not just bystanders (as corny as that may sound)


However, this search system isn't the worst idea, it's just implemented poorly. The old search system was more than passable with the changes it underwent over time.

My suggestion, if the change needs to be kept in for whatever reason, is to keep the old system's mechanics for 2 star hunters but have the new system to be only applied to 3 star searches. Possibly have a button like "Special searches" that leads to the search map screen with all available 3 star hunters.


I'll briefly go over the pros and cons of the current search system:


- The ability to choose which hunter to fight against

- Rare hunter ruins


- Less traces

- Less rupee gains

- Less jewel opportunities

- Less metron chances

- Difficult to find resource

- Expensive entry cost

- Throttled progression


It's easy to see where the disdain for the new system stems from. The feeling of being rewarded is what keeps the engine running. When the fun part of the game is removed people will get upset.

I'm not one to be outspoken about much but I've seen the community outrage and I imagine nobody wants to be the one to come across as a bad person toward VS. I hope this is at least taken into consideration or some explanation is given as to why the change was made. Transparency would go a long way.



P.S. Sorry to the support team for the April fools prank. I didn't expect people to be convinced it was real x~x