Metron FRAGMENTS used for guilds (ideas)

by 빈신 posted Apr 17, 2019
Back story: Wouldn't it make sense to be able to make metron crystals once you have enough fragments 75-100MF= 1MC. I have 2K of metron fragments that are going into skills and nothing else. Or could we use them for our guilds so it feels more inclusive for both? Just my thoughts and opinions.

For example metrons can be used ( in a guild metron fragment pool) for anyone in the guilds hunters to have a 0.2%-4% more atk or defense or resistance or speed, etc (for the day cause the game would be broken of stayed) just something to enhance the hunters without using rupees manda.

Or possibly more metron fragments (in the guild metron fragments pool) attracts stronger hunters so L mouse will have 2* hunters or higher during a happy hour, caused by so many metrons. More metrons higher chances of 3* or 4* hunters for your guild (doesn't matter by Manda or Scroll equal opportunity)

Or possibly more metron fragments (in the pool) gets you better drops in dispatch, abyss, mirages. Like 2* scrolls.

More inclusive to the guild
May even out the playing field between newer and older players.
Make players actually want to farm fragments
Makes up for the 2* search change

-Bugs/possible crash
-People that pay money will always be on top (that's a given)
-What order would hunter enhancements be, could be a problem

Thanks for listening to my idea feedback is always appreciated!