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Apologizes   [15]

BloodBornWolf    Lv.  8
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    I LOVE DEM WOLVES! Rules: Don't pet, don't feed.

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    Dear Any Blustone Player,


        If you are reading this, you must be aware of the drama between Bluestone Weirdos and PugNation. It is no rumor. It is a reality. Anyways, I am writing to say sorry for my behavior, but It does not mean I agree with Kuschi's decision. I still think it's wrong to kick someone for them being depressed or asking for their help.

        Don't start any riot in this rely section either. If you disagree, you disagree. If you hate me, you hate me. I really don't care. I am a wolf of my word. I don't take back anything I say. I don't joke around. I'm serious.

        This also doesn't mean I'm ending the war (or slaughter, whatever you want to call it). I don't back down from what I think is wrong. "Never Bend Your Head, Hold It High And Look The World Straight In The Eye." ~Helen Keller. I don't back down, and don't expect me to. I can go on for years and would give the slightest shit.

         And don't take my word for it. Go for any side. Kuschi's side for all I care. I would be disappointed if you agreed with these measures that were taken, but not all of the world will be on your side. "Not everyone is against you and not everyone is on your side." ~A.

        And don't act like you know me either. Nobody does. I use different attitudes toward different people. To be honest, I don't have an emotion I express to everyone. I fake it. I'm empty. I have no main emotion and I have no reason to not. It's just natural for me.

        I thank everyone who has been there for me and I thank all of you that haven't (you may think it makes no sense, but for those people that do, yea). And thank you for taking your time for reading my forums. Thank you for complaining. Thank you for agreeing. Thank you for loving. Thank you for hating. I hope you all find your light one day, cause I have.







    • VincentClone 2018.03.24 13:36
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.24 13:43
      Love you too Vin
    • ZeroSkyes34 2018.03.24 13:57
      Oh i am so starting a riot if you think you can just feed false information and get away with it. Kush didn't kick him for being depressed or asking for help, he kicked him because it was a community decision, we all had a majority vote, if you wanna blame anyone then blame the people who voted, and if he really needs help he shouldn't be on an online chat and game where people go to have fun and be happy, he should be getting help from a professional. Otherwise he shouldn't be talking about his personal problems with strangers he only recently met online. Those are the type of stuff you share with your close friends and family.
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.24 14:12
      Well if this is a community thing, the whole COMMUNITY banned him for his depression. And not everyone can rely on friends and family. I would know. And what happened to, "Let's find out the problem, solve the war."? Sometimes it's better if you shut up Zero. I'm not as stupid as you think I am.
    • ZeroSkyes34 2018.03.24 14:17
      again as I said, it wasn't for his depression, it was because as a community they're on the server to have fun and play games not to talk about their personal problems or help someone else with theirs, just because it's a community doesn't make it a service and I did find out the problem, the problem was you making up all these lies and putting the blame on someone who didn't deserve it cuz you were too stubborn to hear out their side of the story.
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.24 14:23
      Then why not ignore it? Or delete it? It's just a message: something that can be easily ignored. It's not like a record playing in your head. If you didn't want to deal with it, you shouldn't have gotten tangled in it. And btw I was in PugNation too, so I see everything everyone says. Again, I'm not stupid. I know the story and everything they're saying is not even the same! It's just a story to make them look good. It's like scam ads. They give you great videos that show something amazing, but then it gives you a scam. PugNation = Scam
    • ZeroSkyes34 2018.03.24 14:27

      yeah and what did you claim we did? oh that's right you claimed we ignored him and twisted our words to make it sound as if we were bullying him remember? we ignored him because we didn't want to put up with it but he just kept going on and on and wouldn't stop, so we chose the easier path which was banning him, there are other discord groups he can join and other groups he can play if he wanted to. it's not just me, we decided it as a community in the discord, and no, you were in pugnation but you weren't always there you were also playing other games as well as talking on your blustone weirdos chat. I'm not that stupid either baby. the only scam here is you and the bullshit you're spewing.

    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.24 14:34
      You ignored him? Really? From what I can see.... *scrolls* .... You all were actually speaking to him. Sure some of the messages were deleted, but I can clearly see what you all were forwarding to... I'm not like a kindergartner. I have sharp eyes and a sharp mind. Maybe not in booksmarts, but logically, I'm beyond a 12 year old.
    • ZeroSkyes34 2018.03.24 14:36
      oh really? cuz from what I can see I was trying to be supportive while he was only reinforcing his negativity, I even asked him to tone down on the suicidal thoughts and everything but he refused to listen, I still have the messages, you want some screenshots? I mean it's all there it's too late to delete them too.
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.24 14:35
      And I'm not fliping your guys' words. You choose what to say and I'm just showing pictures, is that a bad thing?
    • ZeroSkyes34 2018.03.24 14:37
      no you're flipping words, literally you only picked out what kush himself said on the pictures and didn't show what anyone else said, didn't even show the times I tried to help azn or the times we tried to get him to stop or the time when we decided on the vote for the ban
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.24 14:41
      Tried to help Azn? You're not showing any help now! Ha! Helping. From you? Like you ever tried helping anyone.... Never tried to help me.... Nor Fox.... Help... Pfffttt
    • PaoPanda 2018.03.24 14:47
      Let me ask, what help have you provided him?
    • ZeroSkyes34 2018.03.24 14:47

      he's not my friend he's a stranger I met for a few days, I tried to help him, he reinforced his negativity onto me, I disliked it, we all decided to kick him end of story, why would I try and help him after that? I don't wanna waste my time trying to take care of someone when there are professionals who do that for a living out there who can do it, I can't speak for the rest of the community but unless I know them for longer than a few days I assure you I wouldn't help them, I don't care how mean it is or whatever I need to look after myself, why would I put myself before someone I don't even care or know about? if he was my friend then I assure you that would be a different story and I would do all that is within my power to help him but he's not.

    • YallNeedJesus 2018.03.24 17:14
      All the big names in channel 3 chat also agreed to report and block him for spamming “remember kids suicide is the answer” and when he said he was being serious we tried to give him help and all he kept doing was the same thing... you are clearly being fed false information and being manipulated... -a neutral blustone member from channel 3.

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