The great return of Bonkers on the forums

by BonkersRabbid posted Mar 09, 2018

Hey guys, it's your favorite Bonkers here,


Lately I have been busy with some school work and some phone calls and paper signing right and lefth, but I am finally announcing my great return to the forums!!!!!


I know most of you will ask what will I be doing here? Well here's a little plan for you guys.


1) My posts will be mostlyadressed to new players starting the game, so I am continuing my project on making video guides that will explain midguard to some to some ppl. 

2) I will be writing reviews on the recent and past updates as well as figure out the improvements that can be made concerning certain aspects of the game.

3) A new Tip will be added and updated constantly for new players to keep up with the game (it will include links to the videos I will be making as well as a text version of the video with images)


Hope you guys are looking foward to all of this and ROCK ON!!!