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Questions; advancement/transcendence   [7]

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    Noob here,

    Going by the tips section, you can transcend the 1st time at 3star, and then again at 4star and so on.....

    Do you always want to transcend a character at 3star BEFORE moving on to 4star? I.e., do you miss out on a potential transcendence level if you advance to 4star first?

    If you do miss out, how big of a deal is it? It looks like it will be much harder to transcend at 4star, so if I miss out at 3star transcendence, will my character be lacking ..... or more like, won’t be able to make “Beast Status”? How much power am I giving up?

    Thanks for the help!
    • Michealangelo 2018.03.05 03:53
      Hello there! Welcome to the game ^^ anyways, when your hunter is a 5* you can transcend him 3 times, regardless if you already have him transcended or not. For example, if you turned your char into a 4* without transcending him for the first time, you can still transcend him 2 times! Transcendence and advancing a hunter's stars are two completely different things...
      Hope I helped! Good luck and enjoy the game QwQ
    • Swedcarp 2018.03.05 05:53
      Thank you! That does help. It make me feel better about the couple I have at 4star already.

      In trying to plan out my leveling, I still want to know whether the difference in power is dramatic enough to want to hold off on advancement to transcend first..... generating a gold 3star char duplicate for transcendence material for your first time seems to be a much easier process than the 4star version you would need if you waited till after achieving 4star? It seem obvious to me, but since I have lots of chars I want to level (skill), and I’m scrounging for material constantly, it will take conscience self-control to save up the materials needed for transcendence. So in essence, will it be worth it?

      Thanks again!
    • NumeRush 2018.03.05 08:56
      no no you get the wrong idea dude, even if your main char is 5 starred, you only need the 3* for transcend
    • Swedcarp 2018.03.05 10:02
      Ahh......... OK! That just clears it all up then doesn’t it..... thanks for the help!
    • Michealangelo 2018.03.05 10:01
      I'm glad I was able to help you! Also, sorry for the late reply, but I ended up clicking on "cut" instead of "copy" on the first answer that I wrote to you... So I got frustrated and kinda gave up :C rip my two paragraphs...
      Anyways, anyways, let's talk about the important matters: you don't need a 4★ to transcend your 4★! Fodders for transcendence need only to be a 3★ and that's all! No matter what star the hunter you want to transcend is :D
      And while transcendence really does makes your char stronger by raising their stats, it really shouldn't be something to be made as a priority! It's better to focus on advancing your hunter's stars because:
      • Advancing them unlocks skills;
      • You can, for example, have a t2 4★ but he will be weaker than a t0 5★;
      • Metrons crystals and metrons fragments are a bit hard and annoying to farm (since it takes some time to accumulate enough of them to transcend someone), so you have to be mindful of who you're going to waste these resources on.
      In overall I wouldn't really worry much about transcendence at first! Unless, of course, you have all the materials necessary just laying around.
      If you have any more questions, just shoot it! I'll try to answer them as best as I can ( •u• )
    • Swedcarp 2018.03.05 10:09
      Thanks!! Ouch haha, I hate when I lose a post..... takes all the motivation out of ya. Thanks for the info.... spot on. I tend to stress about some of those things early on, worried I’m gonna screw something up for myself later. Thanks again, now I can grind away with a mind at ease........!
    • Michealangelo 2018.03.05 12:34
      It's no problem ^u^ Hope you enjoy the game and good luck!

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