The Rise of the PugNation Reloaded

by KuschiK posted Mar 11, 2018

Some of you werent able to wait and messaged me already before i was sure what to do.

We were able to finish it faster than i thought.


So i will announce it right now.




The PugNation opend with this announcment and u can be part in it from the first second!


Join now for
-a new Blustone Discord Server
-a working ruin-notification-system
-Pug-Memes (other memes too)
-alot of experienced hunter with ranks in the top 60 (and even the rank 15 from this week)
-and (hopfully) for new friendships or families


We added the role-assining-system for permissions, so please tell us your IGN, Veteran Rank and if u want ruin-notification at the beginning of your joining.


We will try our best and hope for your support.


I hope i will see you on our server and have a great time.