Blustone Channel 3 Chat

by BloodBornWolf posted Mar 11, 2018

Blustone Channel 3 Chat


    Do you chat in channel 3? Do you have friends in channel 3? Do you want to meet those fun and exciting people (weirdos)? Well in the Channel 3 Discord, you can! There are many features and comands and there is always a possibility of the chat exploding too! There are rankings and roleplaying too, so show your inner weirdness! And don't be afraid of anybody harrassing you, the people here are nice but teasing. So join us and have some fun! We'll all be waiting for your arrival!




Any questions? Please contact me at




1. No Harassment

2. All Lewd Photos Must Be Sent Through NSFW Channels

3. No Petting The Wolves Without Permission

4. No Spamming (unless you have my wish)

5. No Pleading For Ranks

6. No ERP In Public Chats

7. No Giving Out Age In Public Chat (unless you have the permission)

8. No Giving Out Gender In Public Chat (unless you have the permission)

9. No Giving Out Real Names (unless you have the permission)

10. No Advertising Out Of The Advertise Channel

11. No Touching My Master~

12. No Killing People With Cringe Without My Wish (we want to keep most people alive)