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BS Ch.3 input!   [14]

YallNeedJesus    Lv.  9
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    0.0 *silence continues* ....What?

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    hello everybody!! For those of you that don’t know me i am Jesus (not the real Jesus) aka kevin.. many of you know that i practically live in blustone a ch.3 chat, and although i reallly didn’t want to make a post about this i could not idly sit here while someone name was being smeared for something i truly believe was justified... before i get into this i just wanna state that i am neutral in this whole childish “war” thing going on....

    ok here goes......
    maybe about a week ago (bout a week ago) while chatting in channel 3. someone came in and started spamming “Remember kids...suicide is the answer” in our chat room. As having lost someone extremely close to me to suicide, I immediately asked him to stop and not to tell kids that and not to “joke” about it as did others..... he immediately started to say that i was “bullying” him and that he was being serious.... me and many others in chat then offered help. i told him multiple times that if he wanted/needed to talk that he could inbox me and that i would be here to listen and help in any way i could... but instead of heeding our advice and listening to anything we had to offer he then continued to spam chat some more with the same message and also started crying that we were all mean and bullies.... many of the big names in channel 3 myself included had no other option but to report and block him in the high hopes that some kind of action would be taken but obviously not if he just went into other communities and repeated the same offense....

    i’m not trying to tell you guys that this “side” is right and the other “side” is wrong but i wanted to shed some more light on this subject since it’s being totally one sided and it’s obvious to me and many others that were present that day in channel 3 during the incident that wolf is being totally and completely manipulated and being used to smear the name of kuschik (i hope i spelled that right)

    ok sorry guys for the long read... i just wanted to try and prevent many more users from being swayed into false information and false accusations.......

    p.s. i am currently thinking about making a guide/post on “how to make fightclub top 100 without t2/t3 units”... what are your guys thoughts about that?? last week was the first week i decided to take it seriously and climbed from 6000 and made it to 60’s (even thought i got screwed by the server drop)....

    anyways thanks you guys for reading my post and i’m sorry if i’ve fueled more drama... i just wanted people to know the truth..

    ❤️ch.3’s one and only Jesus!!

    p.p.s. y’all have some really nice butts


    • Enamel 2018.03.24 18:49
      +1 in all yay!

      pls make that guide >.<
    • YallNeedJesus 2018.03.24 18:56
      yay!!! haha and will do... i’ll donit on my day off which will be monday! Cheers!
    • Fukurama 2018.03.24 18:50
      Make guide plz
    • YallNeedJesus 2018.03.24 18:55
      yes sir!
    • Zettou 2018.03.24 18:56
      I would be most indebted if you could create that guide, that is if you have the time to do so and if it does not inconvenience you ;D
      Have had zero luck with fight club hahaha
    • YallNeedJesus 2018.03.24 18:58
      haha although right now the meta is changing i will create my guide and post on my day off (monday) Cheers!
    • Kirei 2018.03.24 19:02
      Damn bro, 6000 to 60 in a week. Pls tell us ur secrets!
    • xSorrow 2018.03.24 19:06
      I was there with jesus in ch3 when this happened . i blocked this person myself cuz i believe (from personal experience with mental problems, symptoms , disorders) that this person is toxic for the community and people around him.he can be dangerous and influence really mental patients to actually harm themselves and i agree that he had to be banned.
    • Ejrh102 2018.03.24 21:02
      Thanks for sharing that with us.

      Also, I think that guide would be helpful to a lot of people including myself.
    • Kaly-Senpai 2018.03.25 02:03
      You, too, have a nice rump ;) Also, Plz make the guide~♡♡ I would totally read!
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.25 12:26
      It's funny that you all say this, yet, now that there are some people supporting him, he's not so suicidal about everything now
    • YallNeedJesus 2018.03.25 14:27
      good maybe he’ll stop telling kids to commit suicide then
    • xSorrow 2018.03.25 22:04
      Wolf, if you want to help him reccomend him to go to an expert.If he turns out to be the next shooter it will be because of you.You are supporting a person that promotes suicide and self harm any time he finds a chance, in every chat he joins.What will that make you if not a trigger in this situation.People that are depressed stop to care about their own lifes.They harm themselfs and no others.On the other hand people that are promoting suicide they are no longer valued as depressed and they need to be examed and maybe go to an institution.Who are you to judge the mentality of this person? I say pull your head out of your ass and stop beeing an attention wh0re.
    • USER23127D 2018.03.27 07:09
      Okay, the last thing sounds gay as shit, but wtf.

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