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To the Korean users   [15]

Trigg    Lv.  9
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    Quit your complaining.

    It's called 'luck' and VS does not favour either side.

    Oh, 3 users have got T2 Vincent on English servers? Luck.

    Oh, more Octavia dungeons popped up on English servers? Luck.

    Get over yourselves. Just because you feel like things aren't going your way doesn't mean the developers are favouring others but you.

    • Pardis 2017.10.06 19:12
      This. Total support.
    • 이게겜이냐 2017.10.06 20:18
      빈센트는 운일수 있어. 근데 옥타는 아니지
      한국서버 8번 나올때 영어서버는 58번이 나왔어. 7배도 넘는다고.
      순진한 한국서버 유저들은 단 8번의 기회 그 마저도 오전 5시부터 오후 3시까지 한번도 안나왔지 10시간 넘게.
      괜히 그 시간 동안 핸드폰을 들여다본 유저들은 나오지도 않을거 기대하며 장장 10시간 동안을 핸드폰만 쳐다보고 있었어.
      운의 문제는 아니야. 그냥 표본이 졸라 많았을뿐이지.
      한국인 100명이 돌릴때 영어서버는 한 1000명쯤 돌렸나봐.
      나는 너가 빈센트 2초월 갔다고 했을때도 니가 돈을 그만큼 많이 썻다 그래서 수긍했었어.
      게임이 돈 많이 쓰면 금방 쌔지는건 당연하니까. 그만큼 많이 질렀고. 그 확률에 맞게 빈센트를 얻었겠지.
      물론 한국의 유저들은 불평이 많아 보일수 있어. 니들이 보기엔
      너희들은 이미 많은 옥타비아 2초월을 가졌고 덕분에 한국인들의 아테나는 쉽게 잡혀.
      하지만 우린 옥타비아를 얻을 많은 기회가 없었어. 그래서 외국유저들을 이길수가 없다.
      서버가 나뉜건 공평한 기회를 주지 못해 트리그야.
      그건 운이 아니야.
      번역은 알아서 해라. 싯털
    • 이게겜이냐 2017.10.06 20:24
      그리고 이 게임이 초기의 그 쓰레기 같은 편의성에서 이거 저거 발전하고 있는건
      니들은 하하호호 하며 즐겜하고 있지만 한국섭에선 이런건 어떨까요 저런건 어떨까요 하며 계속 문의를 넣었어.
      그지같던 파이트클럽 보상개편도, 출석체크 보상도, 우린 항상 운영진들과 소통하며 이 게임의 발전을 위해 힘써왔다.
      물론 일부 유저들이 과격하게 대응한건 맞지만.
      너무 섯부른 판단은 자제해줘. 사람이 살다보면 좋은 사람도 있는 거고 나쁜 사람도 있는거니까.
      멀리있는 친구야. 너는 접지 말고 오래해라. 내가 얼른 커서 파이트클럽에서 널 열심히 때릴게. 너도 뚜까뚜까 하렴.
      같이 즐겜하자. :D
    • 카스트라토 2017.10.06 21:55
      Dear Trigg
      Many Korean users, including myself, thought you were a good person.
      There are many problems u don't know between Korean users and developers.
      It is foolish to comment on situations that you do not know properly.
      Also, It is the idea of young children to judge korean users with one and two situations.
      If you have to say to Korean users, please write on Korean server.
    • Cookbang 2017.10.07 20:18
      There is no problem between Korean users and developers. Maybe it’s just you and some of your friends...
    • Spondyl 2017.10.08 05:56 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • 카스트라토 2017.10.06 22:04
      Currently, many Korean users quit this game because of developers.
      It's just a complain about it.
    • Cookbang 2017.10.07 20:19
      Which is not true... again it’s just you? Leaving? Please do not talk like you are represeting all Koreans.. because im happy with VS and Blustone
    • 카스트라토 2017.10.06 22:05
      Although we fight in this game, Korean users likes all user.
      Please do not misunderstand Korean users.

      Let's play together happily!!!
    • Kevrlet 2017.10.07 00:35
      Hell we barely got any dungeons last event. Dry periods of like 2-3 hours at a time.
    • Kytsu 2017.10.07 00:54
      To be fair, I think they have a legit point, particularly on octa dungeons. My guess is that Korean sever is lower population, so less chance of ruins. Just numbers at that point.

      At the end of the day, we want this game to be healthy. That means both the Korean and English servers having a lot of players.

      I think the friendly rivalry between the two is a lot of fun - I don't like when it gets seriously "us vs them" though.

      We are all Blustone players, let's try to support each other.
    • Cyana 2017.10.07 01:21
      We got 5times the amount of players than the korean server, so it schould be normal to have 5times the amount of vincents and ruins here.
      I understand that you could see that as a problem and think its better on global, but thats obvsly NOT the developers fault. If some of you quit, it wont change a thing.

      Pls understand its the community ammount and, as Trigg said, luck! Dont be angry with the guys who work hard to make events like this and try to make you happy! Even the eventtime is set for you!

      I dont think all of you are just raging proplayers and i understand your anger, but please be reasonable about it.
      I love this game and its community, so please remember:

      Developers did nothing wrong!
    • Enheim 2017.10.07 01:32
      I’m just gonna ask y’all koreans about your guru points pls, kindly pit it against trigg before jumping to conclusions about unfairness? This is a game. U wanna win badly? Just spend more then. It’s just how things work, if you’re unhappy and choose to quit, no one’s saying shit. But bitching about unfairness and all is just beneath what we expected from you koreans, and frankly I think even VSpang is disappointed in y’all. Pls do reflect on your actions dear Koreans.
    • Setzer 2017.10.07 04:08
      Sorry you are having issues with the developers. I wish you more luck and hope we can play happily together!
    • Setzer 2017.10.07 04:13
      I hope we can get friend list expansion to friend each other between English and Korean players. Then we can share ruins.

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