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    Yeah! I’m an old man! So what!?

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    [Rough Draft] •may be rewritten in the future with altered content by someone else
    [New Alfheimr spin-off coming December with new characters and plots unless Purple Metron Ayu Studios goes bankrupt from lack of bait.]


    Vincent: "You seem weaker than the last time we fought. Are you taking me for a fool?" He swang his blade at my face, scaring my left eye.

    "Ugh! I can..." Struggling to get up from the ground, I grabbed my sword that was standing in the snow. "...still fight."

    Vincent: "You look pathetic. Now grovel before me peasant!"
    As I struggled to rise, Vincent dropped his blade and punched me in the gut. *Oof* I fell before his feet and looked up to see him walking off with an unconscious Denali. Shortly after, I fainted.

    When I awoke, I saw a tropical forest. Though it was sunny, it felt like I was stuck in a blizzard. "These must be the mirage ruins Hermes wrote about."

    ???: "Yes."

    Startled, I leaped forward and turned to see Windblade.

    Windblade: "Good that you're awake, but I must hurry. The wind is whispering that I need to go somewhere hastily. Farewell."

    Without any trace left to prove his existence, Windblade vanished from my sight with speed that mimicked Mowgli. I began exploring the exotic land when I heard crying of a girl of some sort. I rushed to the voice and saw him once again, "Vincent!" He turned to me while holding Bibi by her neck in one hand.

    Vincent: "I have been lenient towards you. But make no mistake. If you take another step, I will have this girl's head."

    Just then, Genovia fell from the sky and pinned me to the ground. "What are you doing? I never thought Midgard would have another traitor.

    Genovia: "I have my reasons. And you're just getting in my way."

    Out of anger, I overpowered Genovia and swang my sword at her, cleanly cutting off both of her arms. In shock, I watched her kneel before my feet and bleed all over my coat.

    Genovia: "Y-y..." She fainted as Kain arrived.

    Vincent: "You've saved me the time of doing to Genovia what you just did. It seems you're more help than harm. But make no mistake, I still need what you possess. Now hand over the-"

    Kain: "Leave this to me Vincent. These fools are just bugs waiting to be stepped on.

    "Kain! I still remember what you did to Balian and Robin. You won't get away-"

    Kain: "They're already dead. Nothing you say or do will ever change that."

    Vincent: "It seems I was right about showing you the secret of Midgard."

    "Secret of Midgard? What do you mean?"

    Kain rushed me with his blade. "What are you planning to do with Vincent? I thought you hated him!" *CLANG*

    Kain: "Hate isn't strong enough to describe my despair towards Vincent. But I'll let you know, Vincent was right."

    Vincent dropped Bibi's unconscious body in a pool of water then grabbed the unconscious Denali.

    Vincent: "When you finish playing with that boy over there, come back to the hideout. Levi will assist you there. I have some other things I need to take care of. And one more thing, try not to kill me, will ya" Vincent looked at me with an arrogant smirk then left without leaving any trace of him or Denali.

    Reference: Missions
    Reference: Taebin x Jul Oldman Kain Manga/Comic
    Reference: My older content
    Reference: Original Ideas Merged with Others'
    Reference: (To be continued...maybe)
    Credit: Natara, VSpang, Taebin, Jul, VincentClone, Whoever else works on Blustone ideas and stuff...uh Nishino...Umm...idk. That's all folks. Oh yeah, Purple Ayu gets most credit for being so useful. Purple Metron Ayu funds me.
    Later Recommendations:
    RNG, YallNeedJesus, Katte, PubNation, Pawsitee (?), MrPolarBear, Beckhen, Jack (the brains behind this script), Metis (2016 version), Robin (Current), and MOWGLI

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