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[Guide] Game Usage Policy   [0]

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    Hello, it's Natara.
    We would like to inform you the general usage policy for Blustone.

    1. Policies for Abnormal Use


    <Basic Policy>
    Acts that gain an 
    unfair advantage through bugs in the game or acts that directly damage the developers or indirectly damage other users are sanctioned.

    <Specification of Sanctions>
    1st: First warning, no access for one week, withdrawal of unfair goods
    2nd: Permanent prohibition of account access (no separate announcement) 
    *Will take immediate restriction action if the act was excessive and several abusive exploits have been confirmed or circumstances have led the other user to take action.

    2. Bluestone Community Terms of Use Violation

    <Basic Policy>
    Blustone aims to create a free community environment.
    However, in order to maintain order in the community and to create a healthy atmosphere, sanctions may be imposed on those who violate the rules of use.

    <Sanction Targets>
    - Advertising adultery, harmful, hacking, and other illegal websites
    - Posting an article on the Blustone homepage with an external URL link (that has no direct relation to the game)
    - Posting an article on the Blustone homepage promoting or advertising materials with unknown sources
    - Creating adult material, adult ads, and other sexually suggestive posts
    - Will delete posts if we receive a removal request from another organization
    - Disseminate false facts
    - Spamming posts
    - Slandering about someone or using abusive or inappropriate language
    - Releasing personal information about
     others or yourself
    - Encouraging certain politicians or racist feelings
    - GM Impersonation (e.g. including GM in nicknames)
    - Attempting to make cash transactions or spot payments in exchange for
     accounts or items
    - Sharing virus or illegal data (illegal 
    apk files, sharing hacking or cracking methods, sharing music or films that have intellectual property rights) 
    - Causing inconvenience to other user’s communal activities (judged by management)
    - Posting content that interrupts business activities such as denigrating or slandering the company or service

    - Having an inappropriate profile picture, nickname or status message (will be deleted without notice)

    <Specification of Sanctions>
    - 1st warning: Individual warning
    - 2nd warning: A week suspension from the community homepage (7 days)
    - 3rd warning: A week suspension of your Blustone account (7 days)
    - 4th warning: A month suspension of your Blustone account (30 days)

    * However, if the violation is severe and the matter is judged to be serious, account restrictions will be applied immediately after the first warning.
    * Terms of use may be added, modified, deleted depending on cases.
    * In addition to the violations mentioned, other acts of sabotage are prohibited.

    Thank you for reading.

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