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    Huntress has only one functional brain cell

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    so guys, after around two years of being in this game, I FINALLY got reported o/ I found it so funny yet confusing at the same time when I received the notice, specially since yesterday I remembered I had a life and didn't show up on the chat.
    But guess what, I did reply on a forum post.
    A reply that contained two letters
    Yes, a
    and an
    I know that's what got me reported since that comment got deleted.
    You guys have such dirty minds, I definitely meant "the frick". Or that's too offensive for this game as well?
    I posted this out of pettiness and for the lolz... Most out of pettiness tho :v
    I wonder, will this post get reported as well?
    Will I finally get purged from this game for good?
    • Trixmatyr 2019.09.05 21:21
      Natara has revealed a trap card!
      U should better change the title of this thread too, cos they may give u a 2nd warning. For title containing "kkk""
    • Michealangelo 2019.09.06 01:27
      after spending a considerable amount of time analyzing this comment and my life choices, I decided to reduce the amount of 4 k to 3 k.
      Thanks for the tip, Trix, may I be remembered if I get kicked into oblivion •~•
    • Etheal 2019.09.05 21:51

      That being the case, the entire playerbase could end up getting reported for anything. And you know they wouldn't be able to bring back your hard work over some reckless reporting done by anyone you don't know. This could even make other people quit the game to save themselves from the trouble of dealing with this issue farther down the road. It would be wise if they looked more into these reports, business-wise.

    • Michealangelo 2019.09.06 01:33
      I might be kicking a dead corpse, being salty or just being plain ungrateful here, but it's been quite some time since we have seen some wise decisions being made @.@
    • Etheal 2019.09.06 02:08
    • DeusEx87 2019.09.05 23:49
      Well... since tenths of words of common use are banned from chat for who knows what reason, I find quite reasonable ban someone for 2 letters...

      I mean... this was sarcastic if anyone didn't get it yet...
    • Michealangelo 2019.09.06 01:30
      I find that 2 letters is a bit of a stretch, but what about 3? I think that people who actively say the prohibited word i c e in the chat must leave this game immediately! THINK OF THE CHILDREN, DEUS, THINK OF THEM!! That's why we need this top notch chat censoring!
    • TayOtaku 2019.09.06 01:59
      I'm so sorry Mich you didn't deserve the warning :/ You will be missed if you get banned for good T~T
    • MrBlustone 2019.09.06 14:22
      It'll be ok. Other games need you more now.
    • Nazure 2019.09.06 15:33
      Welcome to VS.
      The norm and standard of us Korean a little bit higher than global universal. Mind your word OwO


      I did got a private message from Narata as well. Similar to yours.

      Back then, I said thing randomly on this forum with a negative mind-set.
      Instead of saying F*CK LIFE directly, I said it as Fuq Life. Still busted.

      And so, Clara in game will say: ''You've got an email. Capt. A warning from Hunter HQ - Narata."

      What did I do?
      "Hey Clara, pls help me rply mess to Narata. Told her I'm sorry & appreciate her hard work for warning me."

      Have a nice day, lads.
    • MrBlustone 2019.09.07 01:25

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