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A friendly warning for fellow players   [2]

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    Hello there everyone. I decided to share the important information with y'all.
    The subject of this post is game optimisation.

    A little bit of pre history. In February I've upgraded my phone's firmware to android 11. And instantly I discovered that Blustone is not optimised for android 11. You can see it while fighting. Precisely, when you fight (story mode, fight club, mirage), you experience terrible game laggs. The game loses its "smoothness", starts to twitch, you lose timing of your skills and your hp bar numbers jump back and forth. And while you can kind of"deal" with it somehow in mirage, in fight club it becomes almost impossible to play (unless you want to lose the fight). Also I must note, that all that is happening ONLY if u attack your opponent. When you "stand still", just receiving damage, without actually "fighting back" (so if you disable automatic attack and auto tap) everything looks OK. But the moment you enable auto tap back on, instantly you have the same laggs issue.

    I contacted Natara via support thread in February, with details about these laggs. I even made two short video clips of that lag and downloaded them on YouTube and gave links to Natara as well.

    But we all understand that these things can take time to fix(I hope it won't take forever tho). And since I couldn't play normally anymore and Natara didn't give me any time frame for that fix, I had to come up with another solution. Which I did. Simple one in theory, but not so user-friendly, especially to people who don't understand Android system that well.
    So, I had to roll my phone's firmware back to android 10. Nothing "extremely" complicated for me, but still I had to wait around 1 week of time to unlock my phone's bootloader in order to execute this action. Anyways, that's not the point.

    The reason I brought this topic up today is, in fact, because of my guildmate. She contacted me recently saying that she experienced the same lag issue. I was ready to help her out with downgrading firmware, but unfortunately it wasn't the case. You see, she acquired new phone recently (Samsung galaxy s21), it's a new model and it comes with android 11 on board right from the factory. There's no way to downgrade the firmware to android 10 because it never existed for this phone model in the first place.
    So, as a result, my guildmate can't normally play/enjoy Blustone on her new phone :(
    For now she's obliged to use her old phone ONLY for a Blustone game, which doesn't make much sense actually (to hang around with two phones in your pocket, just to be able to play a simple game)

    With all that said, I want to warn everyone of you to pay attention to your firmware updates. Don't update your phones to android 11(at least for now). And I want to humbly remind Visual Shower to look into the issue and take appropriate action.

    Thanks for your attention,


    P. S. I'm attaching my two video clips of the issue. It's just YouTube links, game related.
    Pay attention to how game reacts when I use auto tap and when I just stand there taking damage. Also note the timer, and hp bar(numbers) of my hunters in the helicopter.



    • Natara 2021.03.17 15:45
      Hello Graf,

      Currently, the development team is investigating the issue.
      We will come back to you once the issue gets identified precisely.

      Please contact us through our "Support" page regarding any play issues for us to assist you as quickly as possible!
      Thank you.
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.03.17 19:14
      Lol, so basically fix it on your own huh?

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