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Shout outs to RegTime   [9]

Pingu企鵝    Lv.  8
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    Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know Paradis, Nishino, RegTime, whatever the heck that autisict mexican wants to name himself is a giant steaming turd. I remember when I was in Nishino's city we use to role play a lot in private messages. It was very erotic and sometimes we would both cum at the same time but mostly it was him. I only did it bcause I'm gay and he promised to boost me in Fight Club at the time. We had some great role playing nights and sometimes i was sub and sometimes i was dom.

    Then fast forward to PugNation and everything went down hill fast. He made me choose between them or him. I really liked those guys and they were super cool but they didn't please me the way RegTime did. I'm Christian so my homosexual feelings of guilt got the best of me and me and RegTime had to part ways. I couldn't tell him the truth until now, in this post.

    With that being said, after i got banned from his server he continued to harass me even though we had something really special. I also want to admit that I was having an affair with him at the time with some of his other discord admins. I don't think they spoke up about it but I won't name their names to protect their confidentiality.

    I just wanted to say I still think about RegTime sometimes when i beat my meat but deep down I don't think I can forgive him for all the hateful things he said about me and my friends. He called me things like "lying dirty nigger" and "piece of trash" to name a few. I'm not even black btw. I hope he still remembers the times we shared and even our safe words *wink wink*

    I know this post will be taken down because VS is actually partnered with him because of the amount of money he spends on the game. They have an agreement to where he influences their decisions and thats how he stays on top in Fight Club.

    I know he's still dealing with some bad mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and general anxiety disorder to name a few. Life in Mexico is hard and he holds onto Bluestone dearly to keep his spirits up. He has a really hard life at home and sometimes there isn't enough money for tortillas and beans. I can empathize with him because some nights I see an ad for taco bell but I don't have enough money to get a crunch wrap supreme.

    I know he has a dark past and a gay one too, but dont we all? I just wanted to come clean and tell you guys a little bit about RegTime before I finally leave the game for good. I know being gay is a sin but RegTime has a really great boner. I'ts not big but it's spicy if you know what i mean hehe.

    Well there I said it. I hope you guys have a great weekend.
    • RegTime 2018.07.21 12:01
      Nice story I guess, also selling your account then notice you did not manage to make money at all lol. Hope you never come back.

    • Pingu企鵝 2018.07.21 12:03
      I will miss you too my love. PS I did finally get the money back. Thank you for your concerns.
    • Pingu企鵝 2018.07.21 12:02
      PS. Pleast don't private message me asking if this is true. I just had to tell you guys what was in my heart eating away at me for all these months. Uninstalling the game finally gave me the courage to speak up about it.
    • Pawsu 2018.07.21 13:25
      This is the funniest shit I have ever read on this forum.
    • Fukurama 2018.07.21 13:33
      Even if 1% of this was true, its hilarious ♡

      Cya Misaki♡
    • Jcnightmare10 2018.07.21 14:32
      Wooow nice story brooooo
    • EIixian 2018.07.21 14:56
      I had a good laugh, but be well, Misaki. <3
    • -BlodValda- 2018.07.21 16:27
      TinyReg and his sausage community made another legit player quit. Sigh~
    • AzraelxLacy 2018.07.22 06:07
      What the heck did I just read?

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