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Karl Steiner or Bibi?   [14]

TigerTran    Lv.  1
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    Just your average FPS player with a thing for RPG

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    I'm having both, but of course I only want one. Which one should I chose?
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.21 18:09
      Bibi is love, Bibi is harmony. <3 Bibi!
    • TayOtaku 2019.07.22 00:58
    • Righinneach 2019.07.22 01:36
      Bibi, if you only wanna go for a waifu. Steiner is objectively stronger. Both have their uses, but in terms of raw power, choose Karl.
    • Fukurama 2019.07.22 22:31
      if Karl is objectively stronger than bibi, then a godamn flower petal is sharper than a knife
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.22 07:48
      Karl is an average hunter with pretty avarage base stats that isn't specialized in nothing, but gets a little bit of everything thanks to his skills.
      With a specific team can become a crit machine, but crit is not really a big thing in this game... especially in FC where hunters have lots and lots of defense, block reduction, and block chance.
      Oh... and he has only 7 atk spd...

      Bibi is basically a tank killer if used properly... she is tankyer then regular attackers, cannot get stunned, can reduce up to 30% of enemy defense, can use bleed (reducing the amount of enemy healing) and gets a big boost in dmg.

      Basically Bibi is the strongest and more useful electric nat3 attacker, right now.
    • jarnMod 2019.07.22 13:57
    • SoldierTf2 2019.07.22 14:17
      Karl if you know how to use him right
    • Righinneach 2019.07.22 15:13
      As stated, Karl's main focus is strength. He has high attack, combined with attack modifiers from his skills, plus crit damage/frequency modifiers, topped off with an attack speed modifier. He has abysmal lasting power. He is best switched in to dps/finish off high def ranks.

      Having just looked at, and tested, Bibi's skills; she isn't as great as she gets made out to be. First, (having tested it myself) she has no bleed effect. Second, her damage modifiers still don't being bring her up to meet Karl's (even pre-crit). Lastly, she has horrible elemental resistance. Fire opponents destroy her, def buff or no.

      Which is better? Neither. They both have their uses. Bibi is great for non-fire offensives, with bonus of status debuffing. Karl is great for low hp sweeping and finishing off weakened opponents. One is better for PvP, one is better for PvE. Not everything is about Fight Club, but it is always nice to have a strong team. It just depends on what the Player wants.

      Thank you all, and just have fun with it!
    • Righinneach 2019.07.22 16:28
      Almost forgot to mention that Karl's skill removes immunity for 10 seconds, although that will be less useful after the character balancing update...
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.22 16:57
      She has no bleeding? LOL... Bleeding has been her main feature since her release, 1 year and a half ago...
      Btw, you tested hunters?
      So you should know that a third skill dmg passive increase is a feature for an attacker... so nothing exceptional.
      You should also know that MANY attackers have just 5 base ele res... 1 ele res point means nothing... even because you will randomly get ele res from jewels and once topped out you could get a Karl with 7 ele res and a Bibi with 9... so who cares?.

      Remember that if you want to test a hunter you should at least bring him to 5*, to unlock all their skills...
      I personally don't even consider testing a hunter if it isn't yet 5* t3 and with a basic set of jewels...

      If Derpscout (SoldierTf2) says to use Karl I might consider it (I must say that he was the only guy who tried to convince me to t3 him... I'm collecting copies since then)...
      But sorry if I dont listen to a guy that has no 5*, that is just lvl40 and started playing probably 2 months ago...
      No offense, we've all been there starting from basics and thinking to know everything.
    • Fukurama 2019.07.22 22:34
      Lol Righin must be taking a piss on us all, hahaha
      Nobody uses Bibi for her active skill, we use her cuz she has ultra synergy in 5/4-man-teams.
    • 4tran 2019.07.26 18:28
      Lol 5* t3 takes months. I only have 1 after a year of playing
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.26 22:59
      You must be really unlucky then... after 1 year and half I have like 38 5* and 18 nat3 t3... and probably I'm not even that good. Lot of players are even more ahead than me xD
    • Danex 2019.07.23 01:25
      Bibi or even t1 Windblade if you get the chance to use him are much better longterm options than Karl :)

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