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Surprisingly low block chance   [5]

DeusEx87    Lv.  8
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    ***Leader: Bibi. Since 22/Jan/18 <3 Bibi***

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    I didn't realize yet that Anemone had the astonishing block chance of about.... ZERO... xD

    With that gigantic sword she could parry anything... but she doesn't want to.
    Maybe she's lazy. Go figure... xD
    • Calludus 2019.07.23 15:24
      Anemone got highest Base Damage Reduction to compensate Zero Block Chance.
      Calibur got the highest Base Defense to compensate Zero Block Chance.

      Let's say for Damage Reduction Stat set be like..

      Anemone got natural of 60% + 9% Super Block Jewel + 20% Therapy 5th = 89% total.
      Erise got natural of 52% + 20% 5th + 9% Super Block + 20% Therapy 5th = 101% total.
      Edward got natural of 45% + 20% 5th + 9% Super Block + 20% Therapy 5th = 94% total.
      ..and so you'll expect to give them 1 damage for about 5 hits or so or less.
      I'm just quite confused on Anemone since she has zero block chance... How will she able to use her damage reduction stat to receive 1 damage?
      (Oh damn, I'm pretty sure they'll start to build like this on their Erise as well hahaha)

      My question is.. Does Metis+Patrone+Judith guarantee to deal them much lesser 1 damage hits than usual?
      Haha I don't have friends with fully maxed upgrades up to healers to practice with.. because all of them decline my friend requests haha... Only chance is to encounter them at fight club and willing to admit defeat if do so.. and until now I can't figured that out.

      This is just confusing because of what I know about Block Chance even from another game, its role is to achieved Miss hits from opponent. While never in Damage Reduction gone beyond 10% because it's way overpower if they do that and it will tend to become invincible. Damage Reduction is concern for reducing incoming normal and skill attacks overall ignoring minimum and maximum weapon and skill damage at absolute number.

      If something will come into like this for example.. If opponent has 90% damage reduction, 1 HP, 1 Defense, 0 Block. (I'll use binary digits 1 & 0 for better comprehension represents Max and Zero). You'll deal damage as usual because of defense and 10% chance to leave them at 1 HP while 0 defense prompt for instakill and if 1% for block it's a miracle. 100% that would be invulnerable even if has all zero defense and block chance.

      In my opinion, The Block Chance, Damage Reduction, Base Defense and Element Resistance in Blustone actually are just treated fairly = equal. Tweaking their visual numbers are just for show like what you see in Calibur and Anemone and for Edward and Erise... In short, they're still the same in terms of toughness.. just Anemone skill sets are overpowered! Erise is little overpowered too but quite manageable at most times.
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.23 19:54
      Maybe an Anemone equipped with block jewels paired with Athena, Dino, Therapy and Pansy could be an interesting def team.
      I don't know, I'm still thinking about how to set her and with whom to pair her.
    • Calludus 2019.07.24 00:51
      I guess it won't make sense. Since lowest Block Chance Down you could get is 25%, if you can't reach your Block Chance beyond that.. it would be useless since you need at least 26% and that 1% block chance at least for them to work.
      Base Block Chance is 33% so even if Patrone is present, at least your hunters could depend themselves. Well, aside from those Metis+Patrone or even Metis+Patrone+Judith (74.98%) users, you'll end up for the whole team for good if you rely only on Block Jewels neglecting Defense because some putting Super Block + Block. That's why on mine I put Super Block + Defense because even if Block Chance is nullfied, the defense rating still reducing incoming damage in conjunction of damage reduction.
    • DeusEx87 2019.07.24 01:48
      But, are you sure that def and block dmg red work together?
      I knew that block chance was the chance to get an attack blocked and once it gets blocked damage reduction comes into play. Def is just an overall parameter to reduce incoming dmg.
      If an hunter doesn't block, block dmg reduction is useless. That's why I thought on giving block chance with pansy and jewels.
      Now I'm in doubt.... D:
      Maybe is better to rely on def and that's all...
    • Calludus 2019.07.24 03:04
      Yeah, Defense because I found it on Calibur. She has Zero Block Chance but still tough no matter what defensive jewels you'll going to put. She has higher HP and Base Defense enough to sustain tanking than usual or other defenders except Harley, Erise and Anemone. So yeah.. only Harley as defender I get to Max because of superiority and also Free and I'm focused on offense hunters Windblade and Twins than other defenders. Urgh .. too many good hunters now.. newer 4★ I forgot totally Calibur > <

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