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Is 5* t0 Beckhen viable in fc? & more questions   [5]

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    I only have 8k fight chips, so I can only get one Beckhen. I was wondering if 5* t0 Beckhen could compete with other 5* offensive and defensive characters that have one or two tiers already in fc. I’ve heard he is one of the best offense with his immunity and other things, so I thought maybe those could make up for 1 tier.

    Also, should I save more chips for Beckhen or spend it on Bibi and Heidi (main offense rn)? Both of them are already t1.

    What tier does Beckhen have to be to do decent in fc? For example against 5* t1-t2 defenses with Kain, Nene, and Joy and more.

    My team comp right now is Bibi, Heidi, Lapis, Kain, and Diana. If I should get Beckhen, I plan to replace Kain. As for Lapis, I’m still farming lvls and resources for other bombers and healers. If I should do anything different, please let me know! Sorry for all the questions, but thank you as well for reading.
    • Nazure 2018.12.03 11:28

      1/ just a 5* zero-transcend chicken good enough? >>> no - it will lack dam & sustainability.

      2/ should save more chips for chicken? >>> yes, b/c chicken traces avai. everyday so this can be done quickly,

      3/ What tier does Beckhen have to be to do decent? >>> max tier, max gear, max skill, etc.... make your journey later easier.
      A pvp team have 5 slot; don't just talk about Beckhen. Consider others member too.

      4/ My team comp right now.......
      >>> I see you are listing just 5 members here - for pvp purpose.
      Seems like you a little bit off-track.

      Always remember - ultimate goal of BluStone:
      - to clear all expedition, thus unlock side-story and else.
      - Strong enough to do daily Abyss stage 8 (by so, you can easy get big-metron to power-up chicken)
      - reach far in mirage ruin (also have its own story and much good loots....)

      Thus, a variety of strong hunter for different situation worth considering. Don't focus on just 5 hunters pvp team


      FYI: i begin the game much far time ago with maxed Lapis and maxed Rebecca offense.

      Back then, there was no Hedi and Bibi for me to use; still doing fine (now my main is maxed Hermes and Karl - still not Heidi / Bibi @@ )

    • Nazure 2018.12.03 11:51
      btw, note to keep single copy of each hunter - for collection extra stat-bonus and more side-story to read.
      b/c i see you plan to replace Kain by Beckhen.

      Pls DO NOT use base 3* as advance material o_O
      if you play at Midgar server, consider join my guild zZOwOZz - recruiting :-j
    • Eroi 2018.12.03 13:00
      Tyvm for the feedback! Very useful advice.
    • Ehter 2018.12.03 22:01
      1) Backhen t0 cant go against those t1/2 tank/offensive. If you can max out his 2nd skill "Immunity" then he can become durable. At least try t2 him then you can think about take on t3 tank/offensive.

      2) If you wanna save your rank when reward hand out time is near, having Beckhen max "Immunity" is better than Heidi and Bibi. Idk about Heidi but you should go for Bibi too if the chance come, or you can mainly put def jewel on her for tanking + -def opponent then switch skill. Semi tank Bibi is almost as good as Kain, cos she has Anti-Stun

      3) As I have mention, T2 Beckhen is good enough but T3 and Max out 2nd, 3rd, 5th skill then you are good enough. 1st and 4th skill can wait, passive and everlasting skill will be there even not active skill.

      My team is Hermes, Beckhen, Bibi, Dino/Levi/ Joy/Teddy Bomber. Quiet deadly with tank team I would say. I used to use t3 Yuri but Beckhen seem better when I t2 and max 2nd, 3rd, 5th skill.

      -Besure to check out Bomber and Healer skill, they can be useful for defend team. Like Theraphy, Akasha, Bruce, Denila, Edward can be a really tank team mostly survive even tho only 1 tank (Edward). Not that a team fill with 3/4 tanks will be best, Bomber and Healer EVERLASTING and PASSIVE skill can make big different.

      -My team is Beckhen, Hermes, Bibi, Joy+Dino/ Dino+Levi/ Kain+Akasha/ Dino+Teddy Bomber. These team have like 70% win chance depend on situation. Just a suggestion team for your ideal team in future.
    • Eroi 2018.12.04 07:44
      I will definitely be farming for Beckhen and trying out tank Bibi, thanks SO much Ehter.

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    » Is 5* t0 Beckhen viable in fc? & more questions I only have 8k fight chips, so I can only get one Beckhen. I was wondering if 5* t0 Beckhen could compete with other 5* offensive and defensive charact...   [5]  5 Eroi 2018.12.03 149
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