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hmmm xD   [37]

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    hello! I'm a good slime you know. (f2p) 22/1/2018

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    looks who's whining now lmao.
    • Plong 2018.12.23 20:50
      what did I do to you mang? lol you're hurt cause
      your genovia is t1? xD
    • NocturnaI 2018.12.24 10:29
      For starters all you did in chat was attack me simply for saying Octavia wasn’t worth my time. I’m perfectly happy with my genovia never been upset at all over her. I got tired of your negative circular argument and tried to end it. Yet here you are continuing on with hatred. I’ve moved on, you should too.
    • Plong 2018.12.24 12:35
      you! calling a hunter garbage is ok but me calling your hunter trash is not ok? lol I see what you did there.
    • NocturnaI 2018.12.24 12:47
      Never said anyone was garbage I said she isn’t worth the time to me, stop trying to lie. It ain’t gonna work.
    • Plong 2018.12.24 12:58
      you said octa is garbage stop lying my man your making yourself more and more of a lier and makng yourself embarass more wished I can rewind time and screen shot that lmao.
      anyway im done with this im sleepy lol.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.23 22:38
      Posting this just shows the kind of person you are more than nocturnal. Funny that you post this without a context to go with it...

      Not that you wouldn’t know this already but this kind of post is a violation of the forum usage guidelines. I am sure you just made this post knowing that and didn’t care then? Interesting...
    • Plong 2018.12.24 12:28
      all I see is your leader whining and messaging me personally telling our guild is boring and attacking one of our members wow!! and thats how you describe a sane person? then I dont want to be sane anymore lol.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.24 13:28
      Riiight... tho if we had those screenshots like say.. if noct just happened to have them in his box as I am sure he does, we certainly wouldn’t see you pestering him about all this.... naturally you know he doesn’t have those right? After all, if he did post them and it turned out that you just lied to make it seem like he pestered you then that would make you the liar. But that could never happen right? Right?! Because you didn’t just lie and run away like that... well, if there could be a possibility of those messages being posted, I dare say a mature person would apologize at this point before the hole gets deeper right? Hmmm....
    • Zizel 2018.12.24 09:35

      Didn't know leaders of guilds ranked in the 40+ ranks had any relevance on this game

    • NocturnaI 2018.12.24 10:32
      Buying yourself a win has relevance? I’m sorry if I can’t devote my entire life to this game I do have a life, attacking my guild is just showing your lack of maturity and life outside of blustone. Enough with this negativity, it’s boring and getting old real fast.
    • Plong 2018.12.24 12:16
      so telling our guild is boring (cast aways) and attacking one of our members is a sign of maturity for you? lmao
    • NocturnaI 2018.12.24 12:29
      Yes I find a guild that lets their guild members troll and attack players to be quite boring and full of themselves. You done yet with these elitist comments, you’re not holier than thou. You’re just making yourself look bad.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.24 12:39
      So you are claiming that mature people insert themselves into other folks conflicts? I am sorry to tell you, your disagreement with noct is a very poor vehicle to get between james and nocts relationship. Maybe they don’t teach you about picking battles out at your school, but this is one you can only lose at. Each time you chime it displays more and more of how down and out your point of view seems to be. I can predict now that the end of that road you are on will finish with something similar to “I know you are but what am I?”

      If you comment again, make sure you include an actual point please. Lest we all see that your aim is for a big fat nothing like something petty and hollow as getting the last words.
    • Zizel 2018.12.24 15:09
      Cool stories bros
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.24 18:14
      ...no I can wait, oh was that it? Jeeze, talk about lack of content. Your comment was one I feel most would look at and say “what did I just waste my attention on?” You really have no clue why you are even making a reply at all do you? It is literally your attempt at getting a last three words... amazing. Back in the day people had to pay 10 cents to see geeks bite off the heads of dead animals. Made them feel better about themselves somehow. You should charge for this you know! I feel better already that I am not you :)
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.24 19:43
      Poor Zizel, so eager to be liked but unwilling to be a likable person.. You pick on new players and yet, expect them to look up to you when you command almost zero respect. How silly it is when the emperor only thinks he is wearing clothes.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 04:28
      Wao, much threatening, very relevant comment from very relevant user with double tank offensive meta lul.
      U seem mad and sad btw lol nobody cares what your 4th rate guild or you or your leader have to say in the matter. You are just an easy troll for ez replies lmao
    • NocturnaI 2018.12.25 05:40
      You just have nothing but small words from an even smaller man, get mental health help. People are quitting your guild over this, wake up to reality, being negative all the time is only hurting you it ain’t helping your cause xD
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 08:03
      More like you are so easy to predict that it was very simple to have you comment further. You sure don’t disappoint I guess. All you can seem to say are slightly broken English venomous nothings. It is little wonder that barely anyone finds you a role model or would read that sad excuse for a guide. Being so full of yourself must get rather boring. It appears you really are just some child that one can manipulate with the most basic of ploys. It may be good for you to look up the word goad in the dictionary little one.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 16:16
      Strong words from guild officers that have made little to negative contribution on this game L O L. Btw, we may not be 40/40, but each of us has qualities that your place will never have. To us, you are not a threat, but mere circus. Hopefully chat remains down forever so bad alliances like yours close down.

      Just remember, one of our members = 15 of yours if not more XD.
      But it's fine, your guild can't even climb away from the 30/40s lol
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 18:06
      My my my.. someone has a complex or two I see! Maybe next you wanna open your fly and bring out the ruler? You really are so vacuous and lizard brained that you just can’t be a bigger person about anything?! It truly is intense the depth and vastness of your ignorance. What you are doing now is exactly the same as tossing your own soiled diaper into the air and catching it over and over then bragging that you are the best at it.. nobody that matters actually cares or even competes with you at such an ugly thing! Yet you are the single person who seems to not know that.

      Well fine, here you go then baby.. I officially acknowledge that Zizel is the best at playing his own sick game of fiddling with his own garbage. Perhaps now you and your guild mates can be proud of all that you have accomplished in their names. Just try to wash your hands before shaking theirs in congratulations ;) it is best to be courteous. Tho curious that your guild mates decided not to join you in this conflict... did you ask yourself why at any point? Hmm? Maybe they looked down on such an endeavor? Do you think that could be? After all, if they have such pride in you as a leader, why not join in? Unless... oh, could it be that they realized what you consistently failed to? They see what you are doing as an embarrassment? Curious... well, you are their proud leader so whatever you think they do too yes? Way to go representing them champ.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 18:19

      All that essay for nothing

      Your guild is still a 4th rate one, led by fifth rate leaders hahahahahhaha. Btw, 3 of us are enough just to accumulate all your current score, I pity your place too much.


      Beg for the public chat to come soon, because otherwise that garbage will die. Unlike you, my guild does not need to beg. Quality people are always requesting to join. We are even selective with the people we want. A luxury that your own cannot do.

    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 20:26
      Just what one can expect from a lowlife, confusing cannot with will not. All that barking from such a tiny dog is truly beyond pathetic entering into mentally stunted and infantile. Should anybody be shocked that a pitiable whelp like you is afraid of reading more than a few sentences? I guess all that wasteful bluster about education was just more garbage spewing from your toxic maw. Clearly you see those who are exceptionaly litterate as a threat or you would be showing off your own efficacy at intellectual wrestling. Maybe you just haven’t come to a level yet worth bragging about? Perhaps you are still just some junior high school loser with nothing more than the online numbers he has paid (or maybe hacked) for? With writings like these, I can scarcely say you have any evidence to the contrary.. in fact, I am willing to bet that you do not even understand the majority of words I use to reply with :] I would wager that the real reason why you refuse to provide an adequate response of any kind is that you simply can’t. You are essentially a baby mind; one which is crushed under most around you and that is why you feel a need to belittle others. You are so painfully easy to understand you know. You will likely never become more in life than the scores on this game and no matter how many accounts you have, you will always be little ol pathetic you Zizel. So go on, do it again! Say the same stunted and simple thing you always do and brag about how your guild is so amazing and that all you need out of nearly 80 players are three whales. Do it.. do it again... I bet this time everyone will take you seriously and respect will wash over you like so much warm water. Comfortable, warm water... and so what if it is all salty and yellow? That comfortable feeling is all yours.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 21:14
      Like if your essays even meant a thing lol. You are just another easy toy to play around with. But whatever. Bad guilds will remain behind with their mediocre leaders, and the true ones will always be there to change the game. Sorry for you, but for someone like us, you are mere circus and not an opponent. LOL
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 22:49
      First of all, you use the word essay as if it was an insulting thing when of course we all know that essays are only a bad thing to people who are either afraid to or are bad at thinking... so I wonder which you are. Secondly, this conflict has always been between you and me and sometimes nocturnal or plong. You constantly attempt to drag others into this suggests you are calling for reinforcements or frightened to continue alone. What is the matter little one? You need to make your problems a problem for your guild mates too? As you suggested earlier, you only use them for their contributions... so why you would think they have actual loyalty to you is dumbfounding. If you fill a guild with people just using each other, then there is no community there. Besides all that, I have no problems with your guild members... just you as you likely know. They are not your tools. Guild members will not just join in any fight you have... you are alone even surrounded by people because you are still you.

      Zizel, each time you respond to me you reveal more about how utterly tragic you are as a human and I think (as many others who read this probably do) that you are no leader like Nocturnal. You are no friend like my guild members and I try to be. You are a user and a coward and a rude hateful person with a child-like mind. I hope that you have a shred of decency in you enough to at least try and be a better person than you are now.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 22:54
      Hahahaha. Cool story bro. XD. You take so much time to write all this garbage and nobody can take it seriously. Sorry, but we can't even take it for real when you are not even close to being a decent guild nor having a decent leader Haahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!

      Btw, nice decks for lvl 90+ account, so hilarious and pitiful. I feel bad for you :)

      PS: Meet me at the Circus! I will let you be the main star!
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 23:04
      You keep saying we... I don’t see them child. Who are you talking about exactly? Your guild is not here. You are equivalent to a homeless man ranting on the corner without this wee you speak of.. besides that... you truly are a scummy worm if you think that what you keep saying actually matters here.

      If my guild leader said any of the things you said, I may want to leave my guild and find another one I could actually be proud of :(
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 23:09
      Your guild is done for, what are you talking about LOOOL. Btw, my guild mates are on their holidays. I am just a regular member now too, idk who told you I have any power on it. And by myself, I can take on all of your 40 people. They are too easy anyways XD

      Btw top 3 for overall 2018 guilds was ez. Thanks for being a weak competitor!!
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 23:22
      Clearly you can’t hear yourself at all lol you are totally alone and obviously mentally disabled. Just so you know, there are almost no other people playing this game who care about their scores and guild ranks (which matter zero in real life) the way you do. This makes you not just extremely sad, but profoundly pitiable. The way you go on about it like you have... it is abnormal if you didn’t know. You brag about things that have almost no bragging rights. Seriously listen to yourself sometime.

      Games are for fun and you Zizel are anything besides fun. I feel sad for those who think of you as a friend.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 23:28
      > Says games are for fun
      > Replies seriously for like 1000 times on this topic because they can't admit their group are garbage and it's an undeniable ruth
      > Proceeds to rage quit because the opposition cannot take them seriously for trying to defend the undefendable
      > ???
      > Profit
      Season 5 of these new memes is now born!
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.26 04:10
      Lol omg stop! I can’t laugh this hard anymore! XD it is like watching a toddler try to argue with me! Haha!
    • Zizel 2018.12.26 06:53
      Sorry, I am not arguing. I am just making fun of you. Do you know what that means? You are not a serious foe to me. Just mere circus. Can't you understand? XD
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 23:00
      Even Plong seems to have given up on you Zizel. Even though others have told me that Plong is not a great guy I still think there is something good in Plong. You on the other hand... the more you go on with this the more I see that you are exactly the kind of person who infects and poisons others you come in contact with. You and your offensive behavior taints others around you I guess.. maybe it is time you just accept that the way you are.. the person you are, is bad for those around you. In that case, you should either change yourself, or stay away from anyone else who may be ruined by your toxic aura.
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 23:03
      You should give up then Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plong doesn't even have any issues with me. It's just you and me baby! Let's have some nice play! ;)
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.25 23:07
      Brain dead monkey says what?
    • Zizel 2018.12.25 23:10
      "Let's join Pawsitive!" right???
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.24 10:42
      Right... because everyone knows the “great” names and deeds of Zizel and Plong. Far and wide the bards songs telling of guild ranks and fight club scores sing a legend to be proud of. How the one known as Zizel... uh, they accomplished uh... and Plong! How the noble Plong... he, well... yes.. all those courageous and honorable tales... yes. Hmm, you know... now that I think of it; it is super sad to have that much pride in the scores for an app game.

      Then again, everyone has fun in their own ways.. so I guess if you kids want to feel pride over the points that YOUR GUILD MATES got for you as well as other scores that have no meaning in real life then go right ahead :) us sane people will just keep having fun playing and talking with friends which IS something that matters.

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