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New update speculation   [2]

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    DISCLAIMER: This prediction is purely for fun and not based on any facts or evidence. I'm not responsible for any disappointment if it doesn't come true.


    On the teaser page in the News section there's an unusual banner featuring 4 characters but with different clothes



    My guess is that the new building might have something to do with either fusing hunters or purchasing outfits for existing hunters. Purchasing outfits is pretty straightforward and frankly uninteresting to talk about and would most likely just be implemented into the existing store, but fusing hunters together could lead to some interesting concepts.


    I took a look at the first image and determined it to be Levi. It could've been Therapy as she also has red eyes and glasses but she has human ears. What I put together is that it might be a mix of Levi and Dino.



    It looks like Levi's regular shirt but red, possibly to match Dino's scarf. She also seems to be sporting some glasses, although not the same as Dino's. They may have different frames to match Levi's eye shape as they're not as round as Dino's.

    I put the two together since they're both ice bombers so a fusion of the two would make sense.


    The next image is clearly Akasha as all her features are the same all the way down to the cowlick. Her outfit looks to be a lighter version of what Crocus wears.



    Crocus has a pretty distinct outfit, fairly different from anybody else's. The banner image seems to have Akasha wearing the same type of outfit but with her own personal style added to it. I can't glean much more from the image given but she also has a different hair ornament which has vague similarities to Crocus's earrings.

    These two are both electric healers so an amalgamation of the two is plausible.


    The third image seems pretty obvious that it's a mix of Joy and Therapy. She even has glasses with the same frames.


    In the teaser image Joy has her hair down just like Therapy except with her normal bangs. Therapy might not have a stethoscope but she does have that type of top and coat, the one seen on Joy in the image even has the heart hole in the chest like her regular top. Since we can't see preview Joy's ears we can't see if she has earrings like Therapy but she does have a unique hairpin, albeit on the other side of her head.

    They're both healers, however Joy is a fire type and Therapy is an ice type so a guess as to what element she would be would be purely (additional) speculation on my part.


    So the last image is just me grasping for connections, but my guess is that it's a mix of Athena and Calibur.



    What I see is that Athena's arms are bare, save for an armlet, so neither her jacket or Calibur's jumper are factors. However, the top she's wearing looks similar to the one Calibur wears but in red. Athena's normal top has long sleeves, so perhaps she has short sleeves due to a weapon changeof sorts. Maybe she has a unique gauntlet to be more closely tied to Calibur's robotic arm and overall fighting style. I'm making this guess because Athena holds her staff in her left hand which leads me to believe she's either left handed or she draws her staff from her left hand. She could just have her staff like normal and the gauntlet idea is actually completely ridiculous but that's what speculation is.

    They're both fire defensive hunters, plain and simple. No class or element changes needed.


    There was one more wild idea but I won't go into detail...



    So what do you think? Does it sound like a possibility? It would certainly give us more hunters to collect! I won't get my hopes up to this being the case but it would be great to see become reality.

    • Jng 2018.11.06 11:52
      Interesting, regardless of the outcome, I thought this was a pretty awesome post that you made and respect the degree of speculation & investigation...

      Nice work :)
    • Fukurama 2018.11.06 21:01
      Fusing hunters... WHAT A FUN IDEA, not realistic in the slightest though XD

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