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Hello everyone ^u^   [12]

Michealangelo    Lv.  8
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    Oh, oobee doo I wanna be like you

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    Heya everyone!
    Uhh this is a bit awkward, I don't know how to start lol
    Well, I've gotten extremely attached to this game over the past months, and it was mostly because of its community. I've meet amazing people here and for that I'm incredibly grateful! Of course, like everywhere else, this game has its toxic waste, but overall I found bs to be a pretty chill and rare place to find... I had a lot of fun here, so as corny and cliche as it sounds, this game I'll always have a place on my heart. And before I get all sappy, I'm just going to do what I came to do: which is say bye and thank everyone. I'm quitting the game, so goodbye, my friends! You guys are awesome, thank you for the memories •3•

    I was honest, so I hope you didn't cringe much while you read my text : ) anyways, anyways, I wish the best life has to offer to everyone here. Hope to see you guys again someday.
    (Also sorry for the dramatic post, I think?)

    Mich ^u^
    (also yes, for those who have been asking me for ages: I am indeed a girl •w•).

    ///on a side note I'm super sad that I won't finish my dream that is t3 Harley ;w; hope someone will take over and do it///


    (I also think I should apologise to all of you who sent me a vet ticket. Sorry for making you guys do a bad investment ;u;)
    • Korrina 2018.07.12 14:29
      Summary : woah woah im quitting because i didnt pull mai boytoy dino
    • Fukurama 2018.07.12 14:52
      Love u michy♡ you better come back one day! •~•
    • Plong 2018.07.12 16:22
      bye mitch T_T another pro leaving the game.
      please visit the game once in a while.
    • Jng 2018.07.12 19:20

      I hope I’m not too late in seeing this and posting, I hope that you see this and read this...

      I’m actually saddened by this post, I share your feelings with regard to this game and its community, and got quite attached to a few players here, particularly you and Fukurama due to the fishing Olympics...

      As surprised as I am to hear that you aren’t what I assumed was a guy, I actually have no reaction to that because I’m just shocked and to be honest a little teary...

      If you read this please send me a pm and if you don’t mind have a bit of a farewell correspondence :)

      From #teamaustralia to #teambrasil,
      All the best
    • Jng 2018.07.12 19:21
      And OMG Korrina, must you be so insensitive...
    • Oh_Sangwoo 2018.07.12 19:28
      YOU WERE A GIRL? IM DONE. Anyway you still havent got Dino so why quit!? Lol goodluck out there. =)
    • _Natalia_ 2018.07.12 20:45
      Bye mich :(
    • GiselIe 2018.07.12 23:24
      Bye Michy ;_;

      Pls come back one day....
    • Jette 2018.07.13 14:28
      Your title says hello, but you actually say goodbye. What treachery is this?!

      You're super enjoyable to talk to and I always liked chat more with you puttering around in it. I'll miss you, you good soul.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.07.16 09:27
      ; A; I miss you already mich, I know I'm late to the goodbye posts but still I remember all the fun times I had with you and the rest of the peeps in ch1, I'll never forget those days, drop by the discord sometimes or something ;-; or ya know... just come back maybe? TT ^TT
    • S13Celestial 2018.07.16 23:20
      Ohhh snap. Dang, no wonder I haven't seen you in a while. I'm actually sorta sad.
    • Hytherious 2018.07.25 03:29
      I will miss you so ******* much...

      I'm so sad. So sad.
      I know you're not gonna read this message but if you do, thanks for being so nice with us. We will never forget you!! I wish you the best of the best in your life.

      - Hyth.

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