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Question about Healers   [5]

Shanoa    Lv.  8
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    So recently got Joy after a long few months of trying without going the trace route, but whats really a good jewel set for Healers?

    Should I just go HP all the way, or mix HP with Def jewels for survivability?
    I know with Akasha, the REGENERATION jewel sets good cuz she heals hunters on the side lines but not sure if that jewel set only applies to her (equipped) or if it benifits the whole team.

    Also as of now Im currently using Acerola, is Joy really a good swap, or should I go Therapy instead? I know theyre totally different hunters; one offensive and the other Defensive.

    Which would you recommend above all else. (^^)/
    • DeusEx87 2018.09.13 04:46
      Regeneration jewel increases self regen (while not fighting). Healing, no matter the type (single target, multi target, instantaneous or over time), is increased by Defence. If your goal is to increase the amount of healing go full def.
    • Ehter 2018.09.13 16:52
      Go with def jewel for more healing. Its the only jewel affect on healing skill.

      Joy has dmg increase skill when shes 5*. Its as good as you bring another bomber to boost the dmg. So I say its worth to swap and let Joy in once you 5* her.
    • Maeko暁 2018.09.13 17:35
      Pretty much just go full DEF. Joy is one which you can change up due to being able to fight, same with Crocus.

      It's a shame most other jewels aren't used to get maximun outputs and are 'useless'. Do what you want but there is a ideal set-up for DEF, ATK and Bombers too. Some jewels you might think 'increase' a stat you hoped for, in this case you thought regen did her heal.. they don't. It's like using defender jewels on the tanks.. they need block and not super block.

      Other jewels will just make it 'lool' like your strength has 'increased' (example of this is HP jewels) but doesn't add any critical stats you need for that hunter apart from a slight boost in HP.

      ATK: 4 speed, 2 Offence.
      DEF: All Block.
      Bombers: All Offensive.
      (Lantern you can use fatal though to increase chance to 1shot hunters IF they are,'t using full block. Patrone can also be used as a semi tank if you go full DEF which will also increase her heals).

      That's the 'ideal' route for jewels to get(like I said most other jewels aren't used..) You could use Regen on Heidi/Bear/Twins though if you wanted, nothing is stopping you but good luck.
    • Jng 2018.09.14 16:21
      Def jewels on tanks?

      Why only block jewels?
    • Maeko暁 2018.09.15 08:50
      Lowers rate of getting hit and damage done. An example is that Kain can go to around 32,000 and become very tanky with full block. (Though that's with added fates/equip too. 29,000 roughly without bonuses I woukd say).

      Also pretty much Levi, Dino, Lantern ect can counter DEF gems which also increases heals so that's Nene, Heidi ect. Block gems can't really be countered yet unless it's a Patrone/Metis combo. No other way to increase block chance further apart from the odd stat/hunter passive.

      You hunter might look like they are weaker too in combind power but in practical performance, they will be better.

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