PTS Vincent

by PTS-Vincent posted Sep 02, 2018


After escaping from Nene and Lantern, I found myself lost in a strange forest. There I met duplicates of myself. These illusions seemed too real. As I fought one off, another appeared. Time passed and I was then attacked by a strange man in a mask. He introduced himself as Harley before asking me to return what I hadn't stolen. The delusional Harley eventually was stopped by his mirage. During that moment, I ran deeper into the forest of illusions. But as I explored further, I was rewarded with riches. Then I saw the evil witch. Octavia stood before me. As I attacked, seeking revenge, an old geezer stopped me. He called me a naughty child and decided to gift me with a deathly battle that dulled my blade. Before dealing the final strike to end his suffering, the maiden Akasha graced him with immunity to physical attacks. With no way of winning this handicapped battle, I fled in anguish. Octavia was in my reach, but there was nothing that I could do. My mind was clouded with thoughts of regret. "If only I was stronger."