PTS Vincent: Backstory 1

by PTS-Vincent posted Sep 03, 2018


Vincent and Levi were the ultimate duo. They had been together since day one. Captain Vincent and Lt. Levi eventually grew closer than the average pair. After being together for so long, they made it official. Levi made the first move with a passionate kiss to the lips of Vincent. But Vincent wasn't your typical guy. He had X's and O's always chasing him. This is why he decided to go rogue. But Levi was truly in love with him and followed him as he traveled far away. They traveled together and wandered into a misty place called White Island. It was a small island located in the middle of nowhere. Vincent and Levi settled there for a bit and had a child. This child's name was Min Sun. Vincent lived a dangerous life and decided to give up his child to a man by the name of Ji-Hoon Han. Of course, Levi agreed on his decision in hopes to keep their child safe and left with Vincent. But there was someone watching from afar that learned of Min's existence.