Fanart- Younger Edward

by DreamerofTime posted Oct 17, 2018


Another age-bender. Hope you enjoy~

I am open to commissions. Please limit to three beings in one image,and no characters that participate in unhealthy activites such as,but not limited to: smoking,drinking alcohol, taking drugs,extreme illegal activites,ect. Please give listed specifics in order and format listed below.

1.Name and species of character
2.Angle to be drawn from (facing towards character,from the side,ect)
3.Link to refence,if possible,and if not,what keywords to use for Google
4.Charcter(s) actions (holding up a trophy, fighting someone, ect.)
5.Mood of character (Do the enjoy fighting? Have they been injured,and are barley eduring the pain? General assumptions can also be made such as:Happy to be fighting,Hesitant to strike,taken a severe injury[grin and bear it])
6.Black and white/color
7.(optional) What medium to be used for color,if requested. Marker is not an option due to bleeding. If color is desired,please expect an additional wait of a week max.
8.How to be seen/sent (Through forums,Instagram tag,pm on Instagram, ect )

Hope I get some cool ideas!