Presidential Speech 1

by PTS-Vincent posted Oct 17, 2018
Uhm... *Clears Throat*
Here Yee! Here Yee! What is everyone's goals and asparagus? Uh... I mean aspirations! We are supposed to be a community that impacts others in a positive way. What exactly is a post that divides us? It's a transmittable disease! We must cure each other of this ignorance! So come rejoice! I have contacted the Supreme Court of Blustone! Yes! VisualShowers is now bringing us aid. The war is over! The post is going to be reviewed by Natara if it hasn't been removed! That is all for now my loyal people. I hope to speak to you about the positive impacts that happen this following month. Until then, I will be lurking around the corner and debating about what must be done to improve our community. CONTACT YOUR PRESIDENT THROUGH MESSAGES IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS!
Signed: President PTS-Vincent