PvP secret: running backwards

by Matruskan posted Apr 03, 2018
In PvP, I’ve seen a lot of different strategies.
In the beginning, I was surely battling against n00bs, who didn’t know anything about the game or hadn’t unlocked strong characters yet.
But then things started to get tougher and tougher, no matter who I put in the team. I’ve analyzed many teams in the last week, and found one thing in common. It’s not their level or team power. With similar levels and team power, if I don’t lose by dieing, I lose out of time. It’s not the combination of skills, nor the type of the elements. Not even using asian characters in the name gives as much advantage as the little secret I’be found. The one and only secret the strongest players take advantage of seems to be: they all run backwards!
It seems my team is always running towards their missiles, bullets, arrows and explosive teddy bears, and not from them. That makes my team more vulnerable!
How can I tell my hunters to be less stupid and run away? Or at least stop running towards their attacks?