Look, 5* take a lot of work but why

by Kaly-Senpai posted Apr 04, 2018
I am able to create four 4* pieces of fodder to 5* my akasha... Put in that work in and effort into getting her advancement ready and i get so excited for my new 5*.

But wait! Not only it takes hard work to level up the fodder, but you need rups too!!! 3000 per 3*, 12000 per 4*, 60000 per 5* :( ..... This is the main reason why it takes too much time for 5*, lack of mats xD. what surprise!

1) Stop whining like me and grind for those tix that are guaranteed 1 every 100 dispatches
2) Use a whole lotta manda for golden abyss resets and face the toughest level you can get through for the most rups!
3) Sell even more mats/traces you may need in the future bc forget about everything beyond the present. It is ok... you'll grind for them later
4) Be a whale ... grab that precious wallet and buy yourself stuff till hearts content. This is far the easiest solution if money isn't an issue:^)

So, kaly, why the rant???

Bc kaly sad bc she wants 5* akasha nao so I must cry about it in forums!!! XD it will completely erase my current issues in the world

(Seriously, don't cry over forums like me.. We can't change the game so just deal with it. Sounds hypocritical but I'm just.. making a point in a worthless post)
Thanks for wasting 1 minute or so of your time~♡ Senpai out