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Advice for a new player   [9]

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    Just started the game and am looking for info on how to progress.

    Which of the characters i have are worth building and are any of the Nat 3/4* worth using as fodder?

    Should i pull for the current 4* healer or try my luck at other 4*?

    Are there an y Nat 1/2* worth building?





    • DeusEx87 2019.05.04 22:08
      1)Nat4 are strong and worth advanced. But dont rely too much on them since they are very difficult to t3. On high lvls a t1/t2 nat4 is usually over classed by a t3 nat3. Focus on some other attacker for each element, like Bibi for ele, Beck/Yuri for ice, Heidi/Herm for fire. Then bombers and healers. Pat and Aka you have there are worth advance. Try to find out a Diana, she is really helpful with her stun in both pvp and pve. Also a single target healer will be useful, like f.e. Joy.
      Don't bother advancing tanks, you dont need em for now... and probably for a loooong time since you are at the beginning.

      2)usually I advise ppl to not fodder nat3, unless you already t3 them, since you never know how good a bad hunter could get after a patch.
      And even after that, it's better to sell em at mystery shop instead of using them as fodders
      That's said, we all know that certain hunters will never be used. It's subjective, and you will find out those you don't like with the time, dont worry. In that particular situation just sell them, since dormitory space isn't unlimited and sometimes you have to make room.
      For now keep them and start to understand their abilities.
    • Smino 2019.05.05 01:35
      Note: This game requires time and progress can't be aquired in just a week of playing. Unless you have money, it'll take a while.

      With that said, here are my recommendations.

      Attacker: Beckhen (Ice), Bibi,/Karl(Lightning), Heidi/Hermes(Fire)

      Bombers: Dino/Patrone (Ice), Diana (Lightning), Lantern/Apollon (Fire)

      Defense: Nene/Papillion (Ice), Bear/Kain (Lightning), Athena/Calibur (Fire)

      Healer: Akasha/ Pansy/Theraphy (PVP), Crocus/Joy (PVE)

      Focus on each element for Attacker, then focus on at least one bomber, i suggest Diana or Patrone. Get a healer and Max it out, so you could do PVE. Then later on, get each element for bomber

      Also get one defense to help for those last stages of PVE when an event used their skills, it will soak up the damage for you.

      As an F2P, most of your manda will be aquired the Fight Club so that constantly and pull for the banners with rate up for better chances,.

      A notable 1* is Robin, an ice defender who sucks at PVE but in PVP shines when fully maxed because he has a skill where he can regenerate and in PVP it doubles. Another one is Bruce Bang, an ice healer. I haven't used him but people said when Max his healing is amazing
    • Izathiel 2019.05.05 15:09
      Don't use group advancement either. It's a waste of rupees and fodder. Level them up manually. It will make it easier to advance 3* to 4* and 4* to 5*. Your going to need to increase your dorm to do this.
    • Nazure 2019.05.06 12:03
      your question
      Natural 3/4* never worth using as fodder.
      If you max transc any 3* then can release spare 3* for ticket at lottery mouse.

      Should pull for current 4* healer....?
      - if you have spare manda, why not ?_?
      - But first, strongly advise to use manda / coin add more room to your hunter dorm. 30 max to crowd. As me, I'm having 81 max by now.

      Nat 1/2* worth building?
      not really. But you will want advance them 5* to read side-story.

      my advise - further things to add your checklist & progress:

      good Melee attacker / tanker; back-row nuke skill, back-row healer.... for differnt elements to clear stage (500 stage / 1500 star max, can you get them all?)

      able to do abyss stage8 daily 3* no problem.

      collect & unlock all hunter side-story. By advance into 5* - not only the nat 3-4* but also collect side-story of 1*-2* for fun. :-j

      like said, enjoy the progress, dont rush to destination. GL.
    • MrPolarBear 2019.05.06 18:27
      Is yuri worth to advance?
    • DeusEx87 2019.05.06 20:00
      Before Becken made is appearance Yuri was the strongest ice attacker. She has been the hunter that dropped considerably the difficulty of high-end abysses.
      I keep using her since she's cuter and I like to be able to activate immunity whenever I like.
    • IvankoDautel 2019.05.06 23:02
      Yes can easily knock out my 5* athena with damn lutz skill
    • MrPolarBear 2019.05.06 23:10
      @deusex87 thank you for advice :3,
    • DeusEx87 2019.05.07 00:19
      You are welcome

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