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Suggestions to better our Metron Hunter's life   [3]

Nazure    Lv.  9
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    also Honkai3, sdorica, ex VainGlory, else...

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    Hi VS,

    would be great to consider some of these ideas.


    1/ Guild:

    - allow members sending materials, traces, equipment upgrade, money, jewls, special coin, etc.... to others (via guild chat, like Fuel-request / Clara mailing system & Red-racoon supply-station / Audrey guild building)

    • lv99 players can better support loots to fellow member somehow
    • allow leader to send more loots to Guild-blitz participants.

    - Mass-message function for guild-leader, to communicate with members - via Clara mail-box


    2/ Stage-running, expenditure.

    - Thanks to folks' advice, I've just managed to pass stage 470 last week. Was very difficult.

    - Now I'm having more problem doing final stages, begin at 490 & onward. 

    - It's really a struggle doing stage with team only include 4-members


    Meanwhile, when doing Hunter-search, players can add one-more hunter to the team - from friendlist / guildie / etc.... 

    • Hunter search not really difficult, and can even using 5-members team?
    • Expenditure stages more difficult, and limited to 4-members only?

    Could we have 5-members team updated sometime in future?




    That's all for now. Wish to know folks' opinion on these ideas.

    Ty for reading.

    • Calludus 2020.05.19 17:56
      Thats is really not gonna happen.. you see.. No Matter how we suggested a whole lot of ideas.., in the end, they just ignored all of them.
      It's kinda useless now because all they only think how will they earn income. We're currently in pandemic and that would take very much longer.

      Haha it's been 3 years now.. game content progress still poor and slow. It's like 2-4 new content every year. It's like for 3 years, and ever since I played for 2 years now, we only got as follows:

      1.) Mirage Ruins
      2.) Equipment and Jewel System
      3.) Modified Hunter Ruin System (Worst update ever and many rage quit because of this)
      4.) Guild System
      5.) Guild Blitz
      6.) Story Mode (Season One Completed)
      7.) 4★ Selection every 28 days
      8.) 4★ Traces on Shops
      9.) Fixed Events like Jack, Locke, etc..

      Now it's 2020.. what else? Haha

      See Patch 2580, it took a month but after it was just an April Fools after all and put small update that isn't that necessary. Never of those gone to happen... but still hoping there will be soon.. so soon..

      Well, we don't have right for it I think because we are just play for free. We are just the free users and we are least priority.
      Haha.. imagine never from my good and fair suggestions ever happened during my 2 years of playing Blustone. They just all stay plain as it is.

      P.S. I didn't put report on the post even this may be disregarded. Hehe.. really..
      See.. even before I left my feedback. There's already one disagree.. I have enough of sharing my ideas but then again.. I can't still help myself to be much articulated. Hahaha.. ("^^,)
    • Nazure 2020.05.19 19:06
      your case only, pls exclude me from f2p-tier. I bought random Goal-achievement pacakage before, & did some cross-event with White-Island for Sunny too.

      I'd prefer being more possitive. After recent update, managed to max-transc Santa Rebecca by using normal 2* Rebecca as upgrade materials.
      now can just trade special coin for 4* Scroll without worry about 3* TRANS-TICKET & those exclusive festive-hunter

      Things slowly reaching to better days....
    • JAR10S 2020.05.19 23:16
      Well this is a game so its either take it seriously or not. Though you have a point about this game being slow. Compare to other mobile gatcha game, I find Blustone..... quite bland. It is managable yes where you can 5☆ all hunter but it really, really takes time and you eventually get bored with the same routine even with the event.(And I've been here like 1 and a half playing this game).

      And no, Call, you're wrong on one point. Even we are free play players, we still have the rights. Why? The more players play this game, the more it gets its reputation for being a good game (well before it was according to the old comments and forums until it became Blustone 2.0 and releasing 4☆ hunters.) From what I read through the comments and chat, they killed the f2p community due to being p2w and cutting off the easy way route to catch up high ranking players (and that is the hunter ruin, dispatch, rewards, and fuel purchase). They used the old geezer traces as fodder to level up their hunter before.

      Even though this game never listen to our suggestion and ideas, it is still generous.
      1. Free manda on Fight Club and Stages. Of course everyone wants to get high rank in Fight Club for that manda but VS didn't leave any ranking players no reward especially those that are in low ranks. They are still rewarded with few manda, fuel and ruppee tickets, one star scroll, and ruppees. Its not much but better than nothing. Also, did I mentioned about that Major Goal? That sign-in daily reward?
      2. They made 3☆ hunters available and easily obtainable compare the old Blustone. Of course, 4☆ is superior but some natural 3 star (and 1~2 star hunters) are in par with natural 4 star hunters. You just have to INVEST them on the long run. Have you even tried to lvl 50 its equipment? Have you even tried completing its fate plus collecting all hunters for that bonus added?
      3. They still offer you a chance to have a natural 4 star hunter with the new selection scroll. VS didn't let any players to feel not have a nat 4 star because who wouldn't. Unlike the old days, summoning Nat 4 star was rare. If it is still applied today then us f2p players would still be relying on getting traces and luck on summoning scrolls while the whalers gets all the gud stuff. That would take forever.
      4. It gave you time to do other activities. No not grinding and upgrading hunter... or even fishing for that matter. What I meant is to do real life activities or play other games you have on you phone ( R.I.P. for those who only have one game on their phone due to storage problem like me.) They still notify you when your fuel is up or new hunter released.

      In the end, its still a mobile game. You can leave if you want and stay if interested. The only difference between you and the whalers is that they have the money to shorten the process unlike us f2p players who will wait for 7 months to T3 a 4☆ hunters. Hahaha its hard being poor.

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