Dear Users, please consider this before buying anything from Visual Shower. Why aren't you giving users the package after you got the money for it?

by Rosa310 posted Jan 31, 2020
I purchased the Rupee Package but I still have not received it. So I asked on the 1:1 Support board in Korean and the first thing Bluestone said is that they didn't know what exactly the Rupee Package was and that I would have to provide them the receipt #.

It was strange because there was only ONE Rupee Package but I just gave Bluestone my receipt # and they still have not given me the package!

I am not the only one person this happened (which has not occured to me once but twice)

Anyone thinking about purchasing packages or items here, think again, seriously.

I really didn't want to bring this up to Forums just by finishing it off on 1:1 Support. You can provide better service. I will definitely remember this matter.