Hunter Skill Set - Bastil

by Katte posted Mar 31, 2020
So, let me explain. Bastil is basically my main Blustone OC. He's a lightning defense hunter. I created him a couple of months back and he's evolved into a very big character with quite a deep story. I don't want to get into too much detail about his backstory (although a certain hunter is a massive fan, surprisingly). I sent Bastil off to VS a week or so ago. I'm not sure if he will be added, most likely not. We also just got Clara today, so if he is actually added, it'll be a while. The reason I am posting is that I want your opinion on his skill set. It's quite OP, but he's called the Bodygod and we already have some really broken hunters, so it kinda makes sense.

1st Skill: Thunder Crash - Bastil charges at the opponent, then leaps over them and attacks from behind. (Lowers defense + attack)

2nd Skill: Shockwave - Thunder Crash shocks the opponent and due to the power, stuns them temporarily. (Stuns opponent for 3 seconds)

3rd Skill: Stacked Pack - Due to Bastil's strong body, he can take many hits and he cannot be critted easily. (Crit rate of opponent drops to 1/4 of original value when Bastil is on the field)

4th Skill: Fanboy Recovery - Thunder Crash sometimes isn't enough, so Kain, the Steely Bodyguard, comes out and uses his Surpression. He cheers Bastil on in the background. (Extra damage + constant heal for 5 seconds)

5th Skill: Bodygod - Bastil can take a lot of hits, but even someone as strong as him needs a break. When he's switched out, the ally gets immunity and unhealing wounds are recovered. (Stops unhealing wound effect on team + grants 5 second immunity to whoever takes Bastil's place on the field)

(Note: His 5th skill might need to be nerfed later on due to how broken it is.)

So, what do you guys think? Would you use him? If so, why? If not, why? Let me know if you would make any changes.