Update to fishing minigame when?

by Smusk posted Jul 30, 2020

I have been fishing in Blustone everyday whilest as something on the sideline when watching series, movies, reading etc.
However fishing atm feels very uneventful unless you manage to reel in a legendary fish (Which is very rare and there is still the risk of losing it) and the occasional hunter scrolls.
While fishing is supposed to give you ruppees, the bait cost is so high that its even very hard to break-even with average bait and fishing with manda paid high quality bait doesn’t make it a worthy investment either unless you reel in a legendary fish (Goodluck with that).

I feel like some kind of change is in order.
-Reducing the bait price could give more of an insentive to fish since ruppees are a valuable currency for everything.
-Adding some kind of progression system where higher tier players have a bigger chance to fish up treasure, fish witth medals and legendary fish.
-Adding a ‘Sunken treasure chest’ that can contain all sorts of items (upgrade materials, ruppees, jewel#, scrolls, tickets etc etc.)
A way to toggle autoselling fish you have caught. Some people want to keep them for collection purposes (suggested by JAR10S).
-Adding fishing events where for example you need to capture specific fish to get rewards (Suggested by WARLORDKISYO)
-Having some hunters/hunter skins increase the probability of catching fish (Suggested by WARLORDKISYO)

If anyone else got ideas the i would like to hear that too.
Thanks for reading my post, i hope fishing gets some kind of update in the future.