Skill damage calculations?

by awesome8679 posted Aug 05, 2020
So I recently got bored and decided to find out how damage was calculated in Blustone. What I found was....
(Atk*36)/def = damage
dmg/1.3 = elemental disadvantage
dmg*(1.2 + .01*enh - .01*res) = elemental advantage
dmg/(.01*BDR) = block
I’m not 100% sure about crit because it is affected by enemy block chance, but I’m pretty sure it is
dmg*.01(crit-block%) = crit
This leaves skill damage. I started collecting data on how much damage skills did, and it was clear from the start the damage did not follow the normal damage calculations. Instead of a constant damage multiplier of 36, I found numbers between 189 and 202 in my small sample, and was unable to find what caused the variation. I know BDR most likely affects skill damage as (dmg/(1+.01BDR)), and that debuffs are most likely applied before skill strike damage. Also, for hunters like Themis who “ignore defense” but still have 12k atk on their skill, if I really took defense out of the calculations then the skill would do like 800k damage (and it doesn’t). So does anyone know how skill damage is really calculated? If u have any thoughts please tell me I kinda wanna know >.