Counting New Year's off with a pile of bodies

by Joshiesaurus posted Jan 05, 2021
Hello and Happy New Years everyone. During Blitz last week our guild (Canadian) decided to kick the new year off with a bang (and alot of death), so we threw ourselves against one Vincent team to try and get the highest number of fights possible. In the end we made it to (and decided to stop at) 2021 total fights.

Introducing to you all one of our guilds memes, Godsbane Vincent, standing upon his pile of death, wishing anyone who doesn't cross his path a Happy New Year.

Ps. Big thanks to Midgards rank 1 guild for giving us the chance to make this meme, and writing a message for us to use in it, and everyone better believe we intend to go even higher next time!

Link to our last meme doing this: