Questions regarding FC teams and Nat 4 units

by Livette posted Mar 06, 2021
I wanted to get some tips on choosing an attack and def team to work on long-term.

Currently I am using awak. Cap, Estelle, L. Mouse, Val. Selene/Normal Selene, Celine, and recently got Vincent (working on lvling him up to further Awaken, etc).

Now, I have every Nat 4 star available, except for Leon.

As for the holiday themed ones, I have Val. Genovia, Val. Selene and New Year Alia. Missing the rest… can’t wait for Christmas~

Which Nat 4 should I use for FC Atk and Def teams?
Who should I aim for later during those holiday events?
Any other units I should also keep working on apart from those for the FC teams?

I appreciate all help and thank you in advance for the info! <3 Happy Gaming~