by -アレス- posted Mar 12, 2021
In Midgard this week, the top 2 players currently have over 10k points, and will likely end up with many more. This puts a lot of stress on many players who have the capability to keep and maintain a high rank, but are unable to because every time they try to bridge a point type either rank one or rank two fights them 50 times. Most of us have real world commitments to attend too, and cannot check our defenses all the time to make sure it hasn’t overflowed from spam fights, making many lose hundreds of points overnight. This should not be a concern for casual players. I even got 6th last week, and started with a 300 point gap between me and 10th, a gap that was removed overnight as I lose more points every night from spam fights than I can gain during the day no matter how hard I try. This week, I would be lucky to even land top 30.
At this point, I am not even concerned about the difficulty of scoring top 3 with guild backings securing ranks. I am just tired of waking up every day with more loses then I have FC tix to keep up with. Most of us cannot continuously fight for hours on end, and this is not fair to us. Something is seriously broken here.